Josh Allen and The Bills Are Motivated by The Patriots' Postseason Beating

FOXBOROUGH The last time the New England Patriots’ defense and Buffalo Bills’ offense played together, things didn’t go well. It went horribly wrong the past two times New England met Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and company.

In their last two games against the Bills, the Patriots were unable to compel a punt. The Bills defeated the Patriots 47-17 in the previous meeting after scoring a touchdown on each of their seven drives. A couple of fourth-down stops were made by the Patriots a few weeks before that game, but the Bills still dominated to win 33-21.

The Patriots and Bills will square off on Thursday for the first time since that legendary postseason demolition. Members of the Patriots’ defense can’t help but acknowledge that what occurred to them last season is being used as an incentive for Thursday’s game, despite the fact that they are concentrating on the 2022 campaign.

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Linebacker Ja Whaun Bentley said on Sunday, “I mean, definitely.” You can tell that you see it, and that certainly energizes you for this game. However, you must also go through the procedure. It involves a full process. You kind of let things slip through the cracks if you look too closely. I belong to the process. Days cannot be skipped.

Many of the exciting players the Bills had last season are still part of their offense, including Allen, who unquestionably serves as the offense’s focal point.

Bill Belichick, the head coach of the Patriots, is aware that the quarterback of the Bills is the key to stopping them.

Josh Allen and The Bills Are Motivated by The Patriots' Postseason Beating

Being the leading rusher teaches you all you need to know about what to defend against each time Allen touches the ball, according to Belichick. He is good at everything, which might be anything. Excellent talent and a strong possibility for MVP. He contributes greatly to their team in numerous ways.

As of Sunday’s schedule of games, Allen was second in passing yards (3,183) and passing touchdowns (23) as he has proved to be a dominant thrower this season. However, the Bills have relied on him more and more in their ground game as well. He leads the club in rushing yards with 561, which, as Belichick stated, was also the 20th-most in the league going into Sunday’s games.

Last year, Allen had a lot of success getting ground against the Patriots, running for 169 yards in three games while averaging almost seven yards per carry.

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Ja’Whaun Bentley, a linebacker with the Patriots, said that Allen’s biggest skill is to extend plays by using his legs to gain ground when there may not be any open receivers on a passing play. Bentley also concurred with Jerod Mayo, the linebackers’ coach, that Allen plays in a “street ball fashion,” outlining the difficulties it presents for him as a linebacker.

Bentley stated, “I’d say what that produces is kind of like two plays in a manner. For example, after the first play, there is a longer play that develops when the play fails. The key is definitely just being able to make the play while the ball is in the air, so identify the man around and kind of try to see what [Allen] sees.

Josh Allen and The Bills Are Motivated by The Patriots' Postseason Beating

It can be challenging for defenses to figure out how to precisely play an outstanding dual-threat quarterback like Allen, especially when he moves around in the pocket. Deatrich Wise Jr., a defensive end with the Patriots, explained how the team can decide whether to play Allen as a passer or a runner.

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Well, he’s still a quarterback, so we have to make sure we adhere to and uphold the rules, Wise said. However, he is a huge man who enjoys lowering his shoulder. Therefore, we regard him as a running back when he tucks the ball to run.

What determines how aggressively the Patriots will defend Allen may depend on factors outside their control.

Josh Allen and The Bills Are Motivated by The Patriots' Postseason Beating

Bentley added, “I’d say you kind of had to go off how the game’s being refereed in a manner. Naturally, I don’t want to focus too much on the officials, but if they are calling the game closely, you must adhere to the regulations and other guidelines. If, however, they are letting you play a little, you must push the boundaries. It all depends on how the game is being called.

The Patriots’ game against the Bills on Thursday might be as close to a must-win scenario as a game on December 1 can get. After losing to the Vikings on Thanksgiving, they dropped to 6-5, allowing the Bengals and Chargers to pass them in the AFC playoff standings while the Bills, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins each added another game to their advantage over the Patriots.

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