Justin Verlander

The fact that Justin Verlander is still among the finest pitchers in the world today was confirmed by his unanimous victory for the Cy Young Award in 2022. Now that Verlander has won yet another Cy Young, attention is focused on where the future Hall of Famer will play next. After declining to exercise his $25 million player option with the Astros, Verlander is now a free agent.

Verlander, who just demonstrated how much fuel he still has in his tank, is unquestionably the subject of a great deal of intrigue. The Astros would want him to return, but the negotiations between the two parties don’t seem to be very interesting. According to Brian McTaggart of MLB, Justin Verlander even acknowledged that he has yet to speak with Jim Crane, the owner of the Astros team.

Justin Verlander

“Verlander on Astros negotiations: ‘No, Jim (Crane) and I haven’t spoken since our last conversation. He texted me to say that he wanted to continue to be involved. I have no idea what is ahead. This experience with the Astros has been absolutely fantastic.

Verlander continues:

“The market will determine this for me, and we’ll see what occurs,” said the speaker. It stands to reason that there are other interested parties. Jim (Crane) is aware of that.

According to rumors, Justin Verlander wants a deal like the one the New York Mets granted Max Scherzer, a former teammate from the Detroit Tigers. Scherzer signed a three-year contract with the Mets, with a guaranteed $130 million in total.

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As of the MLB season’s opening day in 2023, Verlander will be 40 years old. Verlander still possesses a strong arm, but teams will consider his advanced age when determining what kind of contract offer to make.


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