On Tuesday against the Dallas Mavericks, Klay Thompson had a chance to level the score and force overtime. To the dismay of the Golden State Warriors and the rest of their fan base, he missed his wide-open three.

As the Mavs supporters rejoiced, some couldn’t resist but make fun of the Warriors guard for his spectacular failure. There was some hope that he might be able to pull it off once more in the clutch when he gave the Warriors the lead midway through the fourth quarter. That was regrettably not the case.

Twitter users were eager to make fun of Klay Thompson, and several of them shared their favorite memes to illustrate the Warriors guard’s performance. He finished with five points on two of nine field goal attempts, including one of six from beyond the arc.

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Klay finished with the second-worst plus-minus on the team with -21 despite having seven rebounds and two assists. He had no significant impact on the game.

His unsuccessful effort to tie the game was mocked by other observers as well. His troubles this season have been so obvious, despite the fact that he used to be among the game’s deadliest catch-and-shoot experts.

The Mavs were undoubtedly alarmed when they saw Klay Thompson win the crucial possession. If this Thompson had been the Thompson from before, he would already be hailed as a hero. Unfortunately, it appears that the Warriors’ star still has a long way to go before regaining his previous form. Dallas is appreciative of it, of course, but the Warriors can do nothing but be patient with their hero.


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