Klay Thompson Was Named “Best Comeback Player” Over Trey Mancini by The ESPYs!

Trey Mancini

Despite the fact that I despise being this man, I was enraged by the ESPYs on social media last night. As far as I can tell, no one else still tunes in to see who won the year’s best entertainment television award.

On the one night of the year when no sports were on, it used to be a fun event to watch. However, like the rest of ESPN (except SVP and Tim Kurkjian), it has gone south and is now completely unwatchable. The Jimmy V Award for Perseverance was the reason I stayed up late watching the show.

Dickie V’s homage to the great, who is battling cancer at the age of 82, was heartfelt and inspiring. He talked a lot about childhood cancer and how it should never be necessary for children to undergo chemo and other therapies. All eyes are on me in this house.

This year’s “Best Comeback Player” award had four worthy nominees, but two stood out above the others following his 25-minute moving speech. Nothing compared to what I had imagined.

Including Klay Thompson, Joe Burrow, Diamond DeShawn, and Trey Mancini. In my opinion, two of the four stories are better than the others. In addition to Klay Thompson’s Achilles tear, Joe Burrow is rehabbing from a broken ACL. It was a terrible experience that resulted in serious injuries.

Trey Mancini beat stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 27 while Diamond DeShields had a grape-sized tumor removed from her spinal cord and underwent a three-hour surgery that extended into a nine-hour operation. …and here’s a snippet from the piece about her procedure.

Two athletes recovered from ligament and tendon injuries when the bodies of both players were physically trying to kill them. When Klay Thompson was chosen Best Comeback Player over Trey and Diamond last night, folks went crazy.

To be fair to ESPN, I understand that baseball and the WBNA aren’t really their “thing.” As for the fan vote, I’m sure you’ve heard of it but just listen to the people in the room. Is Klay the best, after all? During the finals, he averaged a respectable 17/3/2.

When Diamond returned to the field after having a tumor removed from her spine that had been wrapped up in her nerves, she was hailed as the finest story in baseball in 2021. It appears that my ire for the ESPYs have resurfaced. Basically, it’s the best way to read the room.

They truly displayed this great footage and his incredible speech, just to offer the award to a guy who was injured in his knee and ankle. Who had the bright notion to do that? Again, I know the ESPYs don’t signify anything, they’re just ESPN’s latest attempt at promoting their brand.

It should mean something, though, when there is an award of this magnitude. When it comes to basketball, Klay is one of the greatest shooters of all time. Over Trey or Diamond, this honor should have gone to Trey.

As Dickie V’s speech came to a close, I was beginning to wonder whether they’d award them both the trophy. In every way, it made perfect sense. I’m not sure how these two “injuries” go together in the same sentence. Stage 3 malignancy and a tumor in the spinal cord interwoven with ACL and Achilles tears are pitted against one other.

It’s the standard operating procedure for ESPN, so it’s not a big deal. The issue that has me so enraged online is something I shouldn’t be furious about. Simply put, ESPN should have honored.

Trey and Diamond after their excellent statement about cancer research rather than a person who injured his knee. To be clear. It wasn’t shocking, but it was disheartening nonetheless. He deserves credit for returning, but Klay doesn’t fit into the same narrative as Trey or Diamond.

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