When LA Knight was being interviewed by Megan Morganton for WWE SmackDown, something strange happened. Sure, Knight didn’t like the questions asked of him—as if anything else were novel—but as he explained why the new WWE World Cup wouldn’t matter because he was on his way to winning the championship, an odd thing started to happen on the video screen behind him.

Knight told Morant, “Yeah, I said it was all for nothing. How come? as I am powerless to stop this gravy train. What are you staring at, I can’t tell. I mean, is that really more fascinating than I am right now?

Before Morant or anybody else could respond to his query, Knight found himself in the presence of Bray Wyatt, a.k.a. The Fiend, who gave the talkative guy on the SmackDown roster a chilling warning.

Hey dude,” Wyatt said. Even if we haven’t yet met, my name is Bray. I guess we can be pals now. You know, I believe I comprehend you better than you do. I can see the hatred and anger building up inside of you.

Me too, guy; you know, throughout my entire life, people have warned me that my fury will turn me into a monster. But the truth is, I’ve been pretending for a very long time that I’m not proud of what I do. Simply said, I’m not sure if that is still accurate. Because I am a guy and I know what respect requires. How far are you willing to go, I ask you?

Before slicing into his new friend(? ), Knight laughed.

Knight remarked, “How far you’re willing to go is none of your d*mn concern. I don’t mind if you go back to your tiny romper room to play with your tiny puppets and stick them wherever it makes you happy; that’s how far you should be willing to go. But in the end, it would be the LA Knights’ game if you weren’t asked.

Initially pleased, Wyatt headbutted Knight to the ground in a fit of rage that fans have learned to anticipate occasionally from the former Fiend. What gives, then? Will Knight be Wyatt’s first victim if he returns to the WWE Universe? The two men might also be involved in some type of sinister alliance, with Knight collaborating with Wyatt to achieve something greater and better.

In any case, it appears like Knight would enjoy diving headfirst into one of the hottest acts in the entire WWE Universe after leaving the Maximum Male Models in search of better environments and greater chances. Absolutely no pressure! Yeah!

The Maximum Male Models are still looking for LA Knight’s replacement in WWE.

While Wyatt and Knight may end up having the biggest conflict or friendship of their careers, Max Dupri’s former friends, the Maximum Male Models, are still actively looking for a replacement, as they revealed to the world on their show Making It Maximum.


LA Knight WWE

That’s right, in the first episode of the series, which premiered on Thursdays on WWE’s YouTube channel, Mace, Mansoor, and Knight’s sister Maxxine Dupri started to review potential headshots for future members of the Models, this time evaluating current and former members of the WWE commentary team, including a forehead-less Byron Saxton, before ultimately rejecting the lot, which oddly enough included a picture of one of WWE’s commentators.

What gives, then? Did “The Model,” a 60-year-old former professional wrestler who is now retired, make the cut? Of course not, but wouldn’t it be entertaining to choose a fourth member of the Maximum Male Models after just two episodes of their new show?

Maxxine, Mace, and Mansoor need to take full advantage of this opportunity to come out of the show with the kind of headlining performer who can not only lead their return to the WWE but also elevate their game to the same level as Hit Row, Legado Del Phantasma, and The Viking Warriors, who returned to television with Sarah Logan as their new valet.

Their in-ring spot on SmackDown has all but vanished since Knight’s defection. Fortunately, it appears that Paul “Triple H” Levesque likes Grayson Waller and wants to do everything in his power to promote him to the main roster. Hmm… I’m aware of a group that could support him in “maximizing” his efforts.

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