Buddy Hield is being sought after in a trade by the Los Angeles Lakers. That might be the case given that Rob Pelinka was seen leaving for Indiana as Hield tweeted something quite ambiguous.

Given that Hield’s tweet appeared to indicate that he had received some positive news, Twitter users were quick to draw connections between the recent series of events. It’s worth considering why Pelinka is heading to Indianapolis given that the Purple and Gold’s next matchup with the Pacers isn’t until November 28. The Lakers have long been associated with a potential trade with the Indiana Pacers for the veteran sharpshooter.

Indeed, these rumors are only conjecture and may turn out to be meaningless chatter. After all, it’s possible that Rob Pelinka is only paying a visit to a friend or relative, and Buddy Hield’s tweet might have a different topic. The future?

Buddy Hield

The Lakers faithful are undoubtedly hoping that the LA front staff acts quickly to rescue the campaign, regardless of whether it is true or not. LeBron James and company are finding it harder and harder to turn the season around at 3-10 thus far.

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Hield would be a massive improvement for the squad because shooting has been a big issue. In his absence, any guy who can shoot and help the offense will do. The following games for the Lakers are against the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs (three times), Phoenix Suns, and Indiana Pacers, but the opposition gets tougher from there.

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