Lionel Messi ‘generated £600MILLION for PSG
At the end of a two-year contract, he earns about $1 million a week at Parc des Princes, with some of that money coming in the form of bitcoin.
However, Messi scored six goals and provided 14 assists despite the great hype surrounding his arrival. But despite his lackluster goal tally, his contribution to the Ligue 1 champions off the field has been outstanding. And Marca claims to have impacted the club’s finances by £600 million.
PSG’s recruitment of him brought in 10 new sponsorship deals, including Dior, Gorillas,, Autohero, GOAT, Smart Good Things, Infinity Sports Water, Geekvape, PlayBetR, Volt, and Big Cola.
We have clearly seen growth in places where we could negotiate deals of three to five million and now they are between five and eight million, so the impact is tremendous,” said Marc Armstrong, PSG Chief Partnerships Officer to Marca. Since Messi’s arrival, PSG’s token has more than doubled in value, even though cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing difficulties.
Prior to signing Messi, Armstrong stated, “We were negotiating a deal with a cryptocurrency and in the following weeks, the price surged because individuals showed greater interest in getting on board..”
A million shirts were sold to fans, making PSG the second most popular club in the world, after Manchester United, after a year of outstanding increase in jersey sales. And Messi’s No. 30 shirt accounted for 60% of the purchases. Armstrong stated: “Demand has soared by 30 to 40 percent and really what might slow it down supplies.”
For example, one may imagine that a player of Ronaldo’s stature, like him joining Manchester United, would be compensated solely by jersey sales, but that isn’t actually the case.” A lot of additional shirts can’t be made.
Due to high demand for Messi shirts, we are unable to meet our contractual obligations.” It appears we’ve come to the end. Neither you nor anybody else can achieve that requirement.
“We are already selling a lot of jerseys, perhaps more than any other team in the world for one player, and that puts us at the next level.” Our lifestyle product sales are strong because of the Jordan brand’s popularity, but when a star player like Lionel Messi joins the team, demand soars even higher. Increased ticket sales are another important Messi effect.
“There are no tickets to every game anymore, with record income among European clubs per venue, with eight times as many people going without tickets or VIPs, so it’s certainly been a turning point.”
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