Logan Paul

The tone of the WWE Universe was permanently altered when Logan Paul entered the ring to face Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. While some questioned why Paul “Triple H” Levesque was so eager to push a social media star with only two matches under his belt against the most successful champion in this era of WWE, when the two entered the ring, Paul looked like he belonged in an ultimately losing effort, which in and of itself is a pretty amazing feat.

Dave Meltzer was even asked if Paul would win Rookie of the Year honors, a question he wasn’t too sure about considering the presence of other eligible performers like Hook and Bron Breaker. Fans took to social media to express their approval, and the nice people at Mattel undoubtedly started brainstorming action figures for the “ImPAULsive One,” and more.

Logan Paul

Paul undoubtedly felt proud of himself for his athletic success, but the victory wasn’t without a price. The WWE Rookie of the Year revealed that he injured his MCL, meniscus, and possibly even his ACL, which could keep him out of action for up to a year. Unfortunate?

You’re right, but have no fear—Jake, Paul’s brother, has given a promising report on the condition of his knee going ahead. Jake gave an important update on Logan’s situation while discussing his own fighting career with DAZN.

Paul reported h/t Fightful that “He’s doing better than predicted.” “They initially believed it to be [an ACL tear], but it was actually the MCL and meniscus, which is better. In Los Angeles, he is rehabbing it and praying for the best.

Given that Paul expressed interest in competing against John Cena at WrestleMania 39, it appears that Jake’s older brother may be interested in competing in any WrestleMania bout in the future.

Logan Paul is Grateful to Be a Member of The WWE Universe.

According to Fightful, Paul addressed his loving fans on his ImPAULsivepodcast/YouTube program and offered them an update on his knee as well as some insight into his future goals in the ring.

Paul expressed his gratitude to the WWE and his fellow wrestlers, saying, “I’m extremely appreciative, very grateful to them for opening up that space for me and setting the stage very nicely for me to come in and put on a performance that I was very proud of.” “The WWE has so many wrestlers working so hard every week to develop this company. I enter as an outsider and try to either set a higher standard or maintain the level of the WWE fans’ expectations. I gave it my all.

The one thing I can always guarantee is that I’ll give it to you. Love me or hate me, I guarantee you’ll be entertained whenever I enter the WWE ring. With my f*cking chest out, I say that. You won’t forget the matches I’m about to play for the rest of your life. I’m telling people in real-time, and I have no qualms about doing so since it comes from a confident place. In my third match, I fought Roman Reigns, the WWE’s public face.

Logan Paul

I entered the arena with my chest out and my chin raised. I want to make sure that people understand my belief in rewriting history in real-time as well as I do. I can assure you that my match will go down in history.

You will remember it for the rest of your life, I assure you. Will you tune in to watch or will you wait and see the highlights? Are you coming to the stadium to see me execute these daring feats, or are you just going to watch the highlights?”

“Either way is good, but I’m really enjoying myself in this group. I must express my gratitude to WWE and the wrestlers for preparing the platform for me. I’m happy that I came off as someone who was genuinely proud of the performance they saw. I’m a harsh judge.

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The manner in which we conducted the match, the reactions we experienced, and the manner in which I miraculously recovered after blowing out my knee midway through. I wasn’t sure I would be able to go off the rope or go over the ropes when it happened. I was unsure of how I would complete it. I mentally made up my mind that I would lose this limb. I am not joking. Everyone was watching me; I wouldn’t want to disappoint the supporters.

Will the Paul-Cena match eventually take place in Los Angeles the following spring? Will Triple H have another surprise for his hot rookie, or not? In any case, it seems Paul’s comeback will garner a considerably better reception than his initial match with Reigns did.

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