Lucas Paqueta

Miranda, a striker for Newcastle United, is famous for becoming the first Brazilian to play in England’s Premier League. It’s not widely known, but a far more famous Brazilian almost arrived seven years sooner. Paulo Cesar, a winger or offensive midfielder, was almost signed by Fulham in 1980.

He is also known by his nickname, Paulo Cesar Caju. Paulo Cesar played a pivotal role in the 1974 World Cup winning team and was a member of the 1970 squad that won the tournament. Despite the fact that he would have been a fascinating addition to the English game, he ultimately decided to turn down the offer because of the high amount of tax he would have to pay.

On the other hand, he did visit London for a while. He checked out a few matches and was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. He was a huge fan of Liam Brady’s at Arsenal because his brilliant left foot made him think of Gerson, Brazil’s midfield master in the 1970 World Cup. And he was particularly impressed by West Ham United midfielder Trevor Brooking.

More than four decades later, the Hammers have revealed that they have purchased an attacking midfielder from the home country of Paulo Cesar Caju for a record sum. He arrives to them via Lyon and is likely to be liked by those who grew up with Trevor Brooking.

It’s possible that many Premier League followers are unfamiliar with Lucas Paqueta. There is, however, a simple approach to getting their attention. A lot of ink has been spilled over the recent influx of Brazilian stars to the Premier League and their club transfers there. Players like Gabriel Jesus (who recently transferred to Arsenal from Manchester City) and Richarlison are examples (Tottenham Hotspur from Everton).

Neither one is a sure bet to make the opening day roster for Brazil. The Premier League club Manchester United has reportedly made significant financial proposals to Ajax Amsterdam in order to acquire the services of Antony, a national team replacement.

For the yellow jersey team, Lucas Paqueta is the primary option. After forcing his way into the starting lineup at last year’s Copa America, he went on to start 10 of the eleven World Cup qualifiers that followed. While the rest of the passengers are frantically trying to secure a seat on the jet to Qatar, Paqueta appears to have a near-certainty of boarding.

The guy doesn’t do much scurrying around, not that we’re complaining. His left foot has real class, and he exudes an appearance of effortless sophistication. Even though he doesn’t move at a breakneck rate, he’s a top-tier player because of how quickly he thinks and acts.

Although Neymar, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, may not be to everyone’s liking, he is undeniably a magnificently talented footballer who sees things quickly, and the partnership and understanding that has developed between Paqueta and Neymar over the past 18 months have been one of the best things about Brazil in that time.

It’s not always simple to work with stars of this caliber — To keep up with Pele, you needed a sharp intellect and superb technique. This is something that Lucas Paqueta is capable of. So many people simply can’t. He can play a wide variety of instruments. He is best utilized as an attacking midfielder. Nonetheless, he has also been used as a false No. 9, and he can function as a withdrawn winger trying to cut in if Brazil elects not to deploy two wide men.

And he’s versatile enough to play in the deeper midfield as well. Early in his career, he was used in a variety of positions with Flamengo, giving him valuable experience in adaptability. In some games, he’s played all three positions for Brazil, and he’s done well in each.

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Then why isn’t he famous all across the world? Maybe it’s because you also have to think about the mental side of things in addition to the technical, tactical, and physical aspects. The name “Paqueta” comes from the lovely island in the bay outside Rio de Janeiro where he was born, where cars are not allowed. It’s reasonable to assume that being in such a setting would encourage residents to take things at a slower pace.

Lucas Paqueta

While Paqueta’s potential may have been hindered by his petulance, it hasn’t helped. The Brazilian team’s coach, Tite, is a big fan. He knows his athlete is capable of losing focus and getting carried away on the field due to frustration with a referee’s call or an altercation with an opponent.

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It’s possible that he was too young to make the switch to AC Milan in 2019. He was only 21 when he showed up, which was possibly too young. Now that he’s 25, he’s officially an adult. Since he has a substantial body of work with Lyon under his belt, he can no longer cite his age as an excuse.

Although Felipe Anderson, another Brazilian offensive midfielder, showed some promise for the Hammers, manager David Moyes was unable to coax the best out of him. However, Paqueta provides greater flexibility, and with the World Cup only a few months away, he has strong motivation to get off to a fast start. The East End has promised him a hearty welcome.

The new group he’s joined has a history of supporting artists with his level of originality. Maybe the island of Paqueta should brace itself for a swarm of West Ham supporters who have decided to spend their vacation there exploring the island.

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