Malcolm Brogdon Transfer

In the wake of a six-game NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics are making personnel adjustments. Malcolm Brogdon is now a member of the Indiana Pacers after he was dealt by the Boston Celtics on Friday for a 2023 first-round draught pick and six other players, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of the Boston Globe. In 33 games for the Pacers last season, Brogdon averaged 19.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.7 assists.

A two-year deal for veteran forward Danilo Gallinari to join the Boston Celtics after clearing waivers was announced just hours before the transaction was finalized, according to multiple reports. Spurs waived Gallinari after trading him to Atlanta from San Antonio in a deal that appears to be a rebuilding effort.

A key victory for the Celtics is that they were able to acquire two experienced veterans in Brogdon, 29, and Gallinari, 33, without having to part with any of their core pieces. As of now, they appear to be both more talented and more well-rounded than they were in the previous season.

This trade makes sense for the Pacers because they received a first-round pick in return, which they appear to be doing the same as the Spurs do. Having a young point guard in Tyrese Haliburton, they opted to recoup some of Brogdon’s worth by trading for him.

For the most part, this is a win-win situation for the two parties involved in the agreement. Meanwhile, the Celtics have acquired players who will add depth to a team that’s clearly designed to win now, and the Pacers have acquired a key player who will help them resurrect their Eastern Conference title hopes. Is this a fair trade?

If you’re looking for a legitimate postseason rotation component at a bargain-basement price, this deal is for you. Even though no team wants to part with a first-round choice, competitive teams must make these types of trades if they hope to strengthen their rosters. It’s not like the pick is going to be overly expensive.

A playmaking point guard, as Wojnarowski put it, was what Boston was searching for in Brogdon. Because of his long history of injury troubles, the Celtics are crossing their fingers that he can stay healthy for them this season as well. As a whole, it’s a high-reward, low-risk strategy for Boston.

Malcolm Brogdon Transfer

With regard to their standpoint, the Pacers have made the right decision. For an experienced player who may not have a long-term future with the team, the team receives a first-round pick. However, despite the fact that the Celtics are expected to be a top-tier team again next season, the pick is still worth keeping in mind.

The argument may be made that they should have held on to Brogdon until the trade deadline in order to maximize his trade worth, but that’s just a guess. When the team found an offer they were happy with, they took it up. I see no problem with that.

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