Memorable NBA Events That Fans Should Know

The NBA has hundreds and even thousands of memorable moments, and this page covers the most iconic ones out of the haystack from different years. The National Basketball Association is one of the most decorated leagues worldwide, so it has a rich history and unforgettable sports industry moments.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive the most exciting moments in the NBA. This page will talk about Kawhi, LeBron James, Larry Bird, Durant, and Michael Jordan and what made them special throughout their career in the NBA. If you plan on watching or betting on the NBA, you should know these historical moments to get to know the sport better.

Kawhi Gets the Bounce

This moment was the first buzzer-beater in NBA Playoff history, and it happened on a Game 7. Because of this play, the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals with Kawhi Leonard, even if he just played for a single season for them.

Fans thought that the game was heading for overtime. However, Kawhi Leonard threw a covered fadeaway from the court’s corner, which bounced on the rim at least four times before it finally went through the net. This moment sent the Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals.

After this miraculous play, the Raptors went on and defeated the Bucks. Heading on to the finals, the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors for their first ever championship in franchise history.

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When LeBron James Went Nuclear

Did you know that there was a time in history when basketball fans didn’t believe that LeBron James couldn’t deliver in the playoffs? This perception was also based on LeBron’s failures, especially the most significant one, the 2011 NBA finals.

However, people believed and pushed the narrative that LeBron couldn’t finish the job and wasn’t a winner. We all know this changed, particularly on June 7, 2012. This was when LeBron James led the Heat into Boston for Game 6 while they faced elimination.

LeBron James definitely erased people’s negative perception of himself when he scored a casual 45 points against the Celtics. Who knows what would have happened to LeBron’s career if he didn’t lead the team to victory in that game? Also, the Heat won the title later that year, and LeBron’s haters and prominent critics went silent for a while. Too bad for those haters since it was just the start of LeBron James’ championship quests.

Larry Bird Magic

Scoring 47 points, having 11 assists, and recording 14 rebounds is one thing. However, to do it predominantly with your off-hand is exceptional! Larry Bird’s game where he used his left hand is one of the most legendary moments in NBA history and Bird’s career!

Wanting to make a statement, Larry Bird also wanted a challenge against Clyde Drexler and the Portland Trailblazers. Although Clyde would also have an impressive stat line, Larry Bird and the Celtics would have the last laugh as they won the game.

Michael Jordan’s Flu Game

One of the best games from a single player in NBA history was Michael Jordan’s flu game. Fans, bettors, and experts were left wondering if it was the flu, food poisoning, or a hangover. Regardless of the reason, “His Airness” didn’t look well before Game 5, which was an extremely important game for his team.

Regardless of how he felt, Michael Jordan didn’t faze out during his quest to win a fifth Larry O’Brien trophy. He played through his pain and dropped 38 points in the game. MJ’s flu game is considered one of the greatest individual performances in NBA history due to the acts of resilience shown in the game. The Bulls went on to win the Finals game thanks to Jordan’s legendary performance.

NBA Finals: Durant Dagger Over LeBron

We all know who Kevin Durant and LeBron James are. Well, in the 2017 NBA Finals, Kevin Durant played for the Warriors, where he ripped the net over the out-stretched arm of LeBron James. When Durant was interviewed, he mentioned that it was the best moment in his life when he made the game-winning shot in the NBA Finals over his idol.

This match was truly a dream come true for Kevin Durant, who had idolized LeBron James since he was a ninth-grade high schooler. Durant said that it felt like LeBron was passing the torch to him.

Final Thoughts

Every year, there’s a new NBA season. Naturally, that means that there’s plenty of room to make history. It’s why this list has numerous iconic NBA moments that made every fan worldwide move with joy, sadness, and even anger. With an association such as the NBA, there’s something for everyone that satisfies every fan.


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