Mia Yim

Mia Yim is a well-liked talent in the WWE community. The services of The OC’s “Rhea Ripley neutralizer” skyrocketed like the cost of Cactus Plant Flea Market x McDonald Adult Happy Meal toys once she defeated Tamina in a comparatively lopsided singles match, even though it wasn’t technically her first victory since returning from Impact a changed woman.

First up was the Damage CTRL group, which consisted of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY. They felt that Yim had been passed over by WWE management during her time in NXT, which is accurate, and that she should team up with the reigning WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions to disprove their critics.

Mia Yim

Despite the fact that Yim appreciated the offer, the real-life wife of Keith Lee declined it, indicating that she doesn’t have a grudge against Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, or Asuka and, consequently, doesn’t want to stand in their way without justification.

The fourth member of The OC later emerged from the back after SKY’s match with an incredibly hurt Dana Brooke to announce that she would be competing in a match at Survivor Series WarGames, but it would come in a team with Belair, Bliss, and Asuka, officially evening the teams up at four with one more performer left to add on either side of the vs symbol.

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Fortunately for Yim, she was treated to another WarGames pitch at some point. Will Yim have a significant impact on the WarGames game? Time will tell, but if she performs as well as she did in the cage versus Tamina, it will be encouraging for her future.

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