Kevin Durant

p>It was particularly significant for Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant to overtake Vince Carter on the NBA’s all-time scoring record because he grew up watching the basketball icon.

Carter was ousted from the position on Monday against the Indiana Pacers as Durant moved up to the 19th rank on the scoring list. It wasn’t a surprise because he just needed 11 points to surpass Carter’s record going into the game, but it doesn’t make KD’s achievement any less remarkable.

Durant discussed how “awesome” it is for him to surpass Carter in his interview following their victory. Even better, he accomplished this while playing for Vinsanity’s former team, the Nets.

According to Anthony Puccio of Boardroom, Durant remarked, “Vince Carter is the first guy I watched and adored as a youngster. It’s very fantastic to pass him and I’m thrilled I’m doing it in a Nets uniform.”

 Kevin Durant

For what it’s worth, Vince Carter himself also emailed Kevin Durant following the Nets forward’s most recent achievement. The eight-time All-Star spoke about how proud he is of Durant and how excited he is to see him break his record in a video posted by the official NBA Twitter.

Carter continued by expressing his opinion that Durant will very soon break into the Top 10 of the scoring list. Carter was a member of the former New Jersey Nets from 2004 to 2009.

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“I’m hoping to be present to see you surpass the Top 10 since I know you’ll achieve it soon. But till then, guy, once more, congratulations,” VC replied. Kevin Garnett is next on KD’s list of top scorers, and sure enough, it won’t be long until he surpasses his record.


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