Ratings for The Eagles' Week 12 Victory Over the Packers

The Green Bay Packers entered Sunday Night Football with nothing more in mind than to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles, start a comeback for the ages, and run the table in order to make their fourth consecutive playoff trip. On paper, they appeared to have a good chance to succeed; Aaron Rodgers was expected to play despite a finger injury, they had a potent rushing attack designed to counter Philadelphia’s occasionally shaky run defense, and their passing offense was rapidly ascending thanks to Christian Watson’s ascent and Randall Cobb’s return.

Nick Sirianni, unfortunately for the Packers, wasn’t going to merely watch the future Hall of Famer pluck a rabbit out of his hat. No, his squad gave the Packers a run for their money all night in one of the strangest games you’ll ever witness. Even though it wasn’t the most impressive performance, the 10-1 record is a pleasant consolation.

Passing Offense

The Eagles’ offence against the Packers wasn’t particularly strong on paper, but they didn’t really need to be. A.J. Brown, a top wide receiver, was afflicted with food poisoning all weekend, and Philly had to contend with weather conditions that prevented Jake Elliott from kicking an extra point after the team’s second touchdown. Philly ended up with the second-fewest passing yards of the season, trailing only their Week 6 victory over Dallas.

When Miles Sanders and Jalen Hurts are running the ball as well as they did in Week 12, going to the pass just to pass is a reduced probability move. However, the Eagles will eventually have to win a game through the air against one of the better passing defences in the NFL.

Ratings for The Eagles' Week 12 Victory Over the Packers

Grade: B-

Rushing Offense

You might wonder how a squad that rushes for 363 yards on just 49 attempts and scores three touchdowns on the ground can fail to receive an A+. Because of two plays in particular: the third-and-1 play where Hurts attempted to advance the ball but were unable to obtain the necessary yard; and the next play where Hurts and Jason Kelce botched the snap and the ball was fumbled to Miles Sanders for no gain and a downs turnover.

Other than that, the only true criticism one could level at the Eagles’ running attack was that Hurts may have run the ball a little too frequently, even though the outcomes are indisputable.

Grade: A

Passing Defense

With just 2020 passing yards overall this season, or around 183.6 yards per game, the Eagles have given up the second-fewest passing yards of any team. When the game actually mattered, Philadelphia pulled off the extraordinary feat of intercepting Aaron Rodgers twice, offsetting the number of touchdown passes he made in the contest. Against Green Bay, that number increased to 236 yards, but 113 of those yards came at the hands of Jordan Love in garbage time.

Ratings for The Eagles' Week 12 Victory Over the Packers

Josiah Scott once again showed he should be a starter at some point down the road for one team or another, and in the end, the Eagles were able to shut down Rodgers, even with an injured finger, when he needed the win more than at any point in a Week 12 game in his career. Reed Blankenship did a good job filling in for CJ Gardner-Johnson, even though he likely allowed a touchdown to Christian Watson in coverage.

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Grade: B

Rushing Defense

The Packers are normally a club that prefers to run the ball, but in Week 12, with an injured quarterback and then a very inexperienced quarterback in the starting lineup, they only ran the ball 20 times for 107 yards, in addition to Aaron Rodgers’ lone attempt for a loss of one yard.

Despite averaging eight yards per carry, A.J. Dillion only carried the ball eight times. Aaron Jones fared even worse, gaining just 43 yards on 12 attempts. However, he made up for that with three receptions for 56 yards and a touchdown. But I digress.

The Eagles should be thrilled to see Jordan Davis return to the field, even though Linval Joseph has been useful as an off-the-street nose tackle.

Grade: A-

Special Teams

Good news: Boston Scott was finally used by the Eagles as a kick returner after months of Brittian Covey’s subpar performance. In the end, he performed admirably in his scant amount of action, returning kicks 91 yards. All but one of Jake Elliott’s kicks were successful, and the extra point he missed was likely caused by the wind.

The rest is bad news. In general, nothing came together for the Eagles’ special teams unit when it mattered most. They allowed a 53-yard return by Keisean Nixon when the game was a little too close for comfort. Philly must give Dave Fipp the freakin’ bag in the offseason for him to return.

Ratings for The Eagles' Week 12 Victory Over the Packers

Grade: D+


Was Green Bay’s defeat against the Eagles a pretty one? No. Are there certain places to be concerned about depending on how critically you see the football game? Yes, and they would have given the season an A+ if they had been warned that Philadelphia would beat the Green Bay Packers 40-33 in Week 12 to finish 10-1. Despite not being the team’s best performance of the year, this victory is nevertheless significant.

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Grade: B+

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