Rick Ross

The AEW Galaxy was treated to another star-studded debut by way of platinum recording artist Rick Ross, or, as he asked Tony Schiavone to address him, The Biggest Boss, Rick Ross, who joined Sneaky Swerve Strickland backstage for a wine-filled backstage segment to discuss the latter’s accomplishments in the promotion. This came after the AEW Galaxy watched former NFL MVP Lamar Jackson quasi-debut as a member of the audience at the Che

Schiavone was seeking explanations for why Strickland kidnapped and later dismembered Daddy A- Billy Gunn’s hands, and this was one week before his birthday celebration, but Strickland was uninterested in that, preferring to concentrate on Ross’s arrival in AEW and the excitement that generates.

Ross told Schiavone to wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Today, we’re keeping things positive. I want it to be clear that my sole purpose in being here is to ensure that Swerve is the biggest recording artist in the world as well as the biggest wrestler in the business. We are here to celebrate, and that is the reason we are there. the largest

So that’s it then, right? Ross is now Strickland’s new hype guy, and the anticipation for the former champion before Swerve in our Glory-The Acclaimed III will only grow. Maybe, but Keith Lee isn’t a big fan of Swerve’s shady behavior, so maybe not.

The Drama Between Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland Is Ramping up In AEW

What’s going on, bro, Biggest Boss Rick Ross? When Lee appeared from the camera left into the frame and asked his apparent companion a question, Schiavone’s interview was further interrupted.

After greeting each other, Strickland stated that he hadn’t spoken to (Lee) in a week, which irked his tag team partner. Lee remarked, gesturing at Strickland, “He said he hasn’t heard from me in a week.” You undoubtedly heard from me, (Ross), but you didn’t reply to texts.

Rick Ross

Ross attempted to mediate once more between his two buddies, but Lee continued to stab his tag team partner in the back with a passive-aggressive retort.

Here’s some good news, Lee said. We are the number one contenders, just as you are. I re-watched the FTR battle, and you cheated against Billy Gunn. In addition, who was behind the camera when you attacked Billy Gunn? Who had the illness to be there?

You’re asking a lot of questions, whoa, whoa, whoa, said, Strickland. We’re going to play a little eight-man tag the next week to just prove to you that I’m a good guy and the same person you’ve tagged with all year. How about the Gunn Club and us taking on FTR and The Acclaimed? What do you say?

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Ross joined him in toasting when the match was won and the tension, at least temporarily, subsided. Will Ross appear in a future AEW match with Action Bronson-style moves?

Is this the beginning of the two tag team members and their new manager’s enjoyable, fruitful friendship—at least through Full Gear?

Or perhaps this was just a one-time appearance by one of Strickland’s many well-known buddies backstage at AEW to help promote the event a little bit more. In any case, it’s obvious that the Swerve in our Glory-The Acclaimed tale will only get more thrilling as the weeks pass.



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