Sarah Logan has formally joined WWESmackDown after weeks of hints and rumors concealed within promos with the Viking Warriors. Logan, a former wrestler best known for her time with the Riott Squad, was a former member of the WWE Universe.

She was fired by The Fed in 2020 as part of the great pandemic purges, and she announced that she was quitting the sport. Logan later made a comeback at the Royal Rumble and in a match for Control Your Narrative, where she competed against Amber O’Neal for EC3 and Braun Strowman‘s team.

Finally, back in the WWE Universe, Logan made his very Scarlett-inspired entrance during a match between Zelina Vega of Legado Del Fantasma and the B-Fab of Hit Row. Logan attacked the assembled performers as well as the Viking Raiders, Ivar and Erik, disrupting the match before it had started.

It’s nice, isn’t it? Logan and her real-life husband have returned to WWE. That was undoubtedly the case for many fans and her in-ring companions, but as other knowledgeable wrestling fans quickly noted on social media, Logan’s new appearance is strikingly similar to that of Max The Impaler, a former Ring of Honor signee who competed in a few dark matches for AEW in 2022.

WWE might have a Max The Impaler problem moving forward.

Seeing the two next to each other makes the influence clear, with the independent worker having a far more defined and better presentation than the past and current WWE performer, even though Logan’s appearance did have some parallels to Max’s when he entered the ring on SmackDown.

Heidi Howitzer, a member of the “Wasteland Warriors” independent wrestling organization and a member of Max’s tag team, was also aware of the similarities.

Woof fact, Logan’s outfit takes clear inspiration from Max’s, even down to the road-worn and scuffed brown leather clothing. Either WWE paid for the likeness to The Impaler’s appearance, or they decided that he wasn’t well-known enough for anyone to care.

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The likeness isn’t lost on fans who have started to compare Logan to everything from the “Max The Impaler we have at home” to Soulja Boy‘s infamous “he stole my whole flow” quote from The Breakfast Club, even if it is difficult to believe given that the Viking Raiders previously worked in Ring of Honor under the name War Machine – though not at the same time as Max.

Sarah Logan

This might end up being remembered as one of the best memes of the era, even if the new Twitter verification mechanism is removed. Logan’s attempts, which appear, shall we say, store-bought, lack the same scuffs, grime, and patina that make The Impaler’s apparel so stunning, contrast with Max’s efforts, both in designing a costume worthy of mockery and in elevating that outfit with an extraordinarily violent in-ring character.

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However, not all of the tweets about Logan’s comeback were about how people were mocking her attire; rather, some, like her former Riott Squad partner Ruby Riott, who is now Soho, was thrilled to see her back in the ring, especially given that a comeback was not guaranteed when she was first released.

Will a former member of Riott’s team soon make a comeback in the ring? The likelihood of that happening seems to be on the cusp of certainty, but when she does, let’s hope her wardrobe has at least undergone a minor makeover. Even WWE will find it difficult to avoid the unflattering comparisons their returning Superstar is drawing.

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