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Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are two of the most hotly debated players in the NFL today. Even though Belichick is often credited for New England’s success, others believe that Brady was the one who actually went out there and won games. At this point in time, Asante Samuel is more likely to fall into the latter category.

On the I Am Athlete podcast, Samuel defended Brady against Belichick, claiming that his former quarterback was able to take all of Belichick’s knowledge and implement it on the field, which made him a tremendous asset to the Patriots.

“Tom is responsible for all of this (creative) success!” As Samuel put it, We didn’t win that way… ” Having Tom as an X-Factor is a key. It’s the truth, folks… because Tom, you guessed it: Tom wins a Super Bowl while playing somewhere else. Why not give him some credit for that? When using COVID, there is no practice time—”I go and win a Super Bowl!”

As a player who worked with Belichick from 2003 to 2007, Samuel recognized that the best NFL coach of all time still has a chance to solidify his legacy. Former All-Pro cornerback Malcolm Jenkins said that Belichick must win another Super Bowl before he can accomplish that.

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