Stephen Curry Blasts Refs for Jimmy Butler Overturn in Loss vs. Heat!

Stephen Curry

On Tuesday in South Beach, the Miami Heat defeated the Golden State Warriors 116-109, handing the defending champions their third straight defeat. Due to reckless mistakes and occasionally bad shot selection, Golden State is still winless away from home more than two weeks into the regular season. Had they been able to defeat the Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons, they undoubtedly would have.

Golden State is currently 3-5 and will face the Orlando Magic and the hotly favored New Orleans Pelicans back-to-back on Thursday, which will be the most difficult test of their five-game road trip. The Warriors will undoubtedly be motivated to snap their startling losing skid to the season. “It’s a bad call,” says Stephen Curry after Jimmy Butler’s decision is overturned in the loss to the Heat.

But given the contentious way Tuesday’s fight ended, don’t be surprised if they come out with even more fire. When Jimmy Butler was called for fouling Stephen Curry while the defending Finals MVP was launching a triple, Golden State was behind 112-109.

Despite obvious touch on the play, Erik Spoelstra disputed the call. This was a wise move that paid off handsomely as crew chief Billy Kennedy stated the foul was reversed because Butler made contact with the ball before giving Curry a “high-five.”

After the challenge was determined to be a success, the Warriors had two more chances to tie the game.

With little over a minute remaining, Klay Thompson missed a clear shot at tying the score from three following a wonderful Kerr after-timeout design. He then smacked another triple on the next possession while his team was still trailing by three points. On the Heat’s subsequent trip, Butler made a difficult, isolation shot over Thompson with 9.5 seconds left to seal the victory.

When a defender strikes the ball before the hand in that circumstance, according to Steve Kerr, “everything happens,” therefore he anticipated the foul on Butler to be overturned. Curry, it goes without saying, didn’t understand the nuances of a pivotal call that he labeled “terrible.”

It’s a terrible call. What do you suppose I was going to say? I was going to get three free throws and have an even score with a minute and a half left when I walked up to the line,” he claimed.

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It’s difficult since there were obviously a lot of touches. I’m not sure whether they observed anything other than the high-five contact they mentioned, but you have to be allowed to continue your action, at least that’s how it felt to me. There are a lot of contacts, especially when you slow it down in slow motion.

What do I know about calling, though?

Curry’s last remark wasn’t exactly subtle. He should review league rules about “high fives” after the shooter releases the ball, it can be argued. Butler’s contract with Curry is not a foul, as is evident from The NBA’s Video Rulebook.

But that hardly implies it will be applied as it was on Tuesday for the rest of the season, much like the sudden outbreak of palming calls against Jordan Poole.

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