Steve Kerr

The Golden State Warriors’ most significant early-season issues weren’t what led to their most recent defeat outside of Chase Center, right? The Miami Heat defeated the defending champions 116-109 on Tuesday at FTX Arena. The game was competitive and back-and-forth throughout, with both teams in need of a victory.

A third straight loss drops Golden State to 3-5 overall and leaves it still without a road win as it prepares for a back-to-back against the Orlando Magic and the hot-shooting New Orleans Pelicans that starts on Thursday.

Despite everything, Steve Kerr was upbeat on the postgame platform, inspired by a performance that was strong enough overall to defeat a team with strong postseason ambitions. Not even the Warriors’ staggering 20 turnovers infuriated him as much as a tightly enforced point of emphasis from the officials that led to Jordan Poole receiving three palming violations.

 Steve Kerr

However, Kerr’s major annoyance wasn’t whether the whistles for a stopped dribble were accurate. What really irritated him was that on Tuesday, as Golden State was getting ready to play Miami, the NBA sent out an email about referees focusing on palming.

“I suppose an email was sent today, but to be honest, I didn’t check it. like the game we have today! I’m not glancing at emails, Kerr declared. “So I was surprised since it is pretty much what the entire league does. Since Allen Iverson persuaded the officials that it wasn’t a carry, they have started engaging in it. A carry, indeed! What Jordan carries is a. But now that the entire league is doing it, I guess I should start reading my email before games.

Not everyone in the game was whistled for palming, including Poole. Miami was also cited for the infraction. However, Poole and the Warriors’ losing record didn’t sit well with Draymond Green.

“I love Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry. They are superb. But they’re not winning the entire game, he added. “So if there is only one, which I believe was on Caleb Martin or one of those players in front of our bench, it can’t be overemphasized. Therefore, I hope to continue hearing it called.

In general, Poole had a forgettable evening. He laboriously scored nine points on 3-of-10 shooting and converted just 1-of-7 three-pointers when Miami made a run in the third quarter with Golden State’s starting lineup on the bench. Poole had the poorest plus/minus on the squad at the end of the game, at -23.

As Green pointed out, it is unclear if authorities will continue to enforce palming so aggressively in the future. Whistles for a suspended dribble would be generating regular headlines if they were occurring at the pace they did against Poole on Tuesday, despite the fact that they have only been called occasionally so far this season.

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Obviously, in the future, keep an eye on it, but Kerr isn’t holding his breath. The long-time league veteran stood up from the dais after his media availability and sarcastically questioned whether palming will actually be a focus in 2022–2023.

Because it is undoubtedly on the way, Kerr joked, “I’m also looking forward to next week’s email where they say they’re going to start calling traveling, too.” “They’ll definitely fix traveling if they cure palming.


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