Tate Rodemaker

Head coach Mike Norvell of Florida State reflects on his team’s 35-31 victory over Louisville on Friday night at Cardinal Stadium. He talks about how well quarterback Tate Rodemaker played, how wide receiver Johnny Wilson made several key catches, and how the defense made some key stops. See the whole video interview and some selected quotes below:

To start, I want to say that I couldn’t be more pleased with our football team. We officially kicked off in January, although we got started before. We have a highly capable football squad in trying circumstances because they know how to put in the work and value their relationships.

Even with the challenges that surfaced, I felt like we were missing some of our top players on the field tonight due to injuries or scheduling conflicts. The guys here tonight just dragged themselves to a victory. Tate Rodemaker has my utmost admiration. When I saw Tate, I realized we had a chance. Tate gave me confidence that we could pull off a victory. I personally witnessed it working

. I have witnessed his labor firsthand. I have witnessed a lot of effort put into being ready for anything. He was placed in a difficult predicament while traveling. In the second half, however, he went out and gave a response.

It’s a perfect illustration of the kind of work ethic that makes this group so successful. I couldn’t be more pleased with our team and its coaching staff. That night was really unique in every way. I’ll never forget that one.

Since you were forced to perform in such a remarkable setting, and so much difficulty materialized, it’s no wonder you’re struggling. We discussed the significance of this heart and who we are. This evening, Florida State football’s true colors were shown to the country.

Our teamwork has earned my highest praise. To Louisville, I offer my thanks. WOW, what a fantastic game. Some truly outstanding players were present. Those dudes are always giving it their all in a competition. It was rough and aggressive, and there was a lot of debate between players and trainers.

In theory, it was nothing more than an entertaining game. And all of us here are really delighted for the men. It ultimately required just one more turn. Similar to what was spotted at the Superdome a few weeks back. In the end, we received that extra turn.

Johnny is doing an outstanding job. That he has developed so much from springtime drills to the present time in the fall is remarkable. To put it simply, we think we have a fantastic player on our hands. He’s big, he’s fast, and he’s going in for the kill on the ball, so of course, he sees everyone. Seriously, that was a fantastic showing. Tate positioned the ball perfectly for the goals.

And now you see the connection between those two (Rademaker and Wilson). And that, in essence, is the point. There were a lot of studly dudes in attendance tonight. Putting together a football show was a lot of fun for us. When men seize the day, it’s because we’ve taught them that opportunity knocks when you least expect it. In the second half, it was amazing to see players like Trey Benson running wild. Treshaun Ward remained an outstanding leader for us.

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A number of our offensive linemen were versatile and fought hard while filling in for a number of different spots. Plus, Patrick Payton stepped in to replace an injured Jared Verse on defense, and the two of them made quick work of the situation.

Tate Rodemaker

Although Fabien Lovett wasn’t going to play tonight, he was prepared to provide us with more depth at tackle. To single out a single member of our team is a challenge. Really, I am simply so pleased with how they responded. Also, Johnny really excelled at his task.

Do not stop the game! Rely on your sense of sight and your sense of footing. You just have to put your faith in your training and get out there. The harsh truth is that. I have seen what he did tonight before.

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It wasn’t on national television on a Friday night, but I’ve seen it before. In any case, I said at the outset that I was confident in our ability to prevail with Tate. Even though he was already behind and playing in a hostile environment, he continued to play in the second half. What you just said is quite remarkable.

It’s all a part of taking a nice, deep inhale. The stakes are high, and in the end, Tate (Rademaker) can absolutely flip the ball in his favor. That was always obvious; he proved it time and time again.

It was thanks to his planning and the extras we threw into the game plan that he was able to successfully implement everything from checks to extra safeguards. He went out there and did his usual drills, and he presumably felt better at ease after a successful long pass to Johnny Wilson. It was business as usual for him as he remained our quarterback and got us back in sync with the game.

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