Atlanta Hawks

Even now, the Atlanta Hawks have received absolutely no recognition from their NBA peers. The NBA has not scheduled a game for the Hawks on Christmas Day despite the fact that they have one of the greatest starting units in the league now that Dejounte Murray has joined them. Furthermore, they have not provided them with a rivalry week game that is broadcast nationally.

As expected, no Hawks games will be shown on national television during the NBA’s first week of nationally broadcast games, which has already been announced. Yet another instance when the Hawks appear to be the target of the NBA’s lack of respect.

The difficulty is that the team and its players miss out on a lot if they don’t get national attention and the support of the national media, which votes on all of the major awards and All-Star teams. Last season, the Hawks received more attention on a national level, as Trae Young was selected to the All-NBA third team. Do you think that’s a coincidence? No, I don’t think so.

 Atlanta Hawks

The NBA needs to start looking out for the Atlanta Hawks. It takes a squad of superstars to win in the NBA. They require special care to reach their full potential as stars. You have to understand that NBA officials treat players differently if they lack star power. There are times when you have to call for help, and newbies are not given the same level of respect as veterans. The season is crucial to everything.

If a player is known for being a strong defender, they will be given more leeway on that end of the field. Such notoriety is impossible to achieve without the support of the national media. So, they are left out of the calls in the basketball postseason, which might make the difference between a title and a loss.

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As can be seen from the schedule for the first week of games being shown on national television, the Hawks do not have any contests scheduled for that time. So far this season, the Hawks have been consistently handled like way. The Philadelphia 76ers appear three times, and several other teams, notably the Los Angeles Lakers, have two appearances.

 Atlanta Hawks

Every team except the Sacramento Kings and the Utah Jazz plays twice. Atlanta Hawks games against Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, and Charlotte Hornets should not be missed. Even if Murray and No. 1 pick Paolo Banchero have patched things up, their rivalry with the Magic has the potential to be interesting on its own.

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