3 reasons Dolphins

There was undoubtedly hope for the Miami Dolphins at the start of this season. Former San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel was hired by Miami as their new head coach. They made the audacious choice to trade for All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill during the offseason.

They already possessed Jaylen Waddle, a talented rookie receiver. Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds, two promising running backs, were also signed by them. But the season seemed to be in trouble after Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa sustained a severe concussion.

It seemed like an instant before the Dolphins fell from 3-0 to 3-3. The good feeling was largely disappearing. People are now being forced to remember how deadly this squad can be because they had Tagovailoa back last week.

The Dolphins’ comeback 31-27 victory over the Detroit Lions on the road on Sunday was another example of their offensive prowess. They now have a better record of 5-3 overall thanks to an upcoming advantageous schedule. The Dolphins would be prudent to look to add players in light of all of that. The Dolphins ought to be buyers at the NFL trade deadline for the following three reasons.

3. Dolphins Wide Receiver Duo Cannot Be Covered

Tyreek Hill, the Dolphins’ top receiver heading into Week 8, was the best in the NFL. Hill had 773 yards in the air. Jaylen Waddle, a teammate, finished fourth in the NFL with 621 yards. On Sunday, they both utterly outperformed one another. Hill’s season total of 961 yards, which puts him in first place among all receivers in the league, increased by 188 yards. Remember that we have only played in slightly less than half of the season.

Waddle added 106 more to his total with two touchdowns, not to be outdone. A wide receiver pairing this effectively has probably never been seen before. For more than 1,900 and more than 1,600 yards, respectively, they are on schedule. That is utterly absurd.

Many people believed that relocating to Miami would bring Hill’s stats back to reality. Rather, he is having his greatest season to date. You can score on any play whenever Hill and Waddle are on the field. This offence is valid, and it won’t be resolved any time soon.

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2. Miami’s Defence Is Better than It Has Shown Thus Far This Season


The Dolphin’s defence has been by far the superior team over the past couple of seasons. In practically every statistical area, they placed top 10 last year and stopped some of the NFL’s top offences. However, they have had a pretty difficult year.

They let up 40 points to the New York Jets, 38 to the Baltimore Ravens, and 27 to the Lions on Sunday in the first half. However, they must have made a breakthrough since they shut out the Lions in the second half, enabling the comeback victory.

With Xavien Howard, the Dolphins have a premier cornerback. But the problem has been on the opposite side. Already having difficulties, Nik Needham was recently placed on injured reserve. Since Byron Jones has been out for a month, his anticipated return date is unknown. Right cornerback Noah Igbinoghene struggled with coverage in his starting role. The Dolphins’ secondary has undoubtedly been their biggest area of vulnerability.

Both the Houston Texans and the Carolina Panthers have strong secondary players. At the trade deadline, both teams are probably going to be sellers. It would be a smart move for the Dolphins to trade for either of them.

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1. Dolphins Are a Playoff Team


The Miami Dolphins are currently in the middle of the postseason chase after Sunday’s game. They presently have the sixth AFC seeding spot. They have a great chance of making the playoffs even if they don’t make any deals, even if it seems improbable that they will overtake the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East.

It’s important to note that they now hold the tie-breaker against the Bills thanks to their victory in Week 3. Miami also holds the tie-breaker over Baltimore Ravens, another team vying for a wild-card spot, because of their incredible comeback victory in Week 2.

The Dolphins will play the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, and Chicago Bears over the next three weeks. In each of those matches, they were clearly the favourites. The following weeks’ games are challenging, but Miami finishes with a pair of divisional contests against the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

We must not overlook the fact that, before Tagovailoa’s injury, this squad appeared to be among the best in the NFL. In the last 13 games that Tagovailoa started and finished for the Dolphins, they have won 12.

The majority of people like making fun of him, but at this point, it’s safe to conclude that he is at the very least a winner. As a starting quarterback, he has a 19-9 record. Miami has many reasons to be upbeat and make a trade before the deadline.

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