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The Los Angeles Dodgers, despite being the best team in baseball during the regular season, appear to have a busy offseason after another unsuccessful World Series effort. One significant choice they will have to make is whether to offer Cody Bellinger a deal or let him sign a free-agent contract.

Bellinger’s poor performance over the last several seasons suggests that the Dodgers may be in for a serious dilemma if they decide to tender him a deal before the deadline on Friday afternoon. Bellinger got $17 million last season, and if he is tendered, the two sides would likely go to arbitration once again, so if they want to keep him, he may receive more money than necessary.

Bellinger will be a free agent and available to sign with whichever team wants him if the Dodgers don’t tender him a contract. Bellinger’s future with the Dodgers is still up in the air, but if he ends up leaving the team by free agency, these three teams would make excellent fits for the slugging outfielder.

3. Chicago Cubs


Cody Bellinger

The Chicago Cubs, who might potentially be a candidate for Bellinger’s services if the Dodgers don’t tender him, has allegedly been keeping an eye on the Bellinger situation to see if he winds up going on the market. Given that they won’t be competitive for a while, this squad would seem a little confusing for Bellinger to join, but they could be the ideal place for him to restart his career.

Prior to absolutely plummeting over the course of the last three seasons, Bellinger was an MVP-caliber player in each of his first three seasons of professional play. Bellinger playing in a baseball-obsessed MLB market and the high expectations around the Dodgers, who are currently an absolute juggernaut of a club, have certainly not helped.

Bellinger might agree to a shorter contract with the Cubs in an effort to recapture his MVP form from earlier in his career. Chicago is in a position to take a chance on Bellinger, and if he succeeds, he might help with their rebuild by becoming a trade option in the future.

The Cubs would provide Cody Bellinger the chance to work through his recent difficulties on a team without high expectations, even though it would not be the optimal place for him to land in terms of winning.

2. New York Mets

The New York Mets’ outfield was respectable last season, but it wasn’t great. Depending on what Brandon Nimmo does in free agency, the outfield may be about to lose a crucial player. The Mets might use a designated hitter even if Nimmo makes a comeback, giving Bellinger the chance to concentrate completely on improving his hitting.

While there’s no assurance that Bellinger would be able to turn things around and be the last bat, he definitely has the potential to be that man. It frequently appeared like the Mets were just one bat away from having a genuinely unstoppable lineup last season. The Mets would be the ideal place for Bellinger to land on a short-term prove-it deal if he reaches the open market and no one bites.

Bellinger’s possible continued struggles wouldn’t be a big deal for New York, and there’s also a good chance that he could get it together if his only responsibility was to his hitters. If Cody Bellinger wants to keep winning, the Mets are likewise equipped to do it, which would only increase the appeal of moving to New York.

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1. Toronto Blue Jays

The fact that the Toronto Blue Jays are considering maybe signing Nimmo after trading Teoscar Hernandez to the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday morning is a major factor as to why the Mets might be in the market for Bellinger. However, the Blue Jays haven’t stopped keeping an eye on Bellinger either, and Bellinger would be an ideal fit for them given their immediate need for an outfielder.

In order to improve their lineup’s left-handed batting, the Blue Jays moved Hernandez, who had previously been a very good hitter for them. Everyone is aware that Bellinger is a left-handed batter, and the Rogers Centre is a hitter’s park with small walls in right and left field that would aid Bellinger in his quest to hit more home runs.

The Blue Jays make the most sense as the ideal landing location for the struggling slugger since they would probably be highly aggressive for Bellinger if he were to enter the open market. Bellinger still has a great deal of potential, and the Blue Jays might be the ideal team for him to regain his mojo. Be prepared for Cody Bellinger to sign with Toronto if the Dodgers pass on him.

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