Unfortunately, not all of the recent hype around the Minnesota Timberwolves has been positive. One example is that Anthony Edwards has had a difficult start to the year, which has prompted criticism from both fans and analysts.

As the team’s captain both on and off the court, Karl-Anthony Towns gave his troubled teammate some wise counsel. When asked by journalists what he could do to assist Edwards in improving both physically and psychologically, KAT went all reflective and talked about his own experience with the game:

According to Timberwolves reporter Dane Moore, Towns recalled how he was “extremely happily, jovial, and I was everywhere smiling” when he first walked out. That reminded me of my local MO. Getting older This game, as I stated, makes you sad. It makes you tougher. particularly in the NBA. I simply had to draw on my past experience of knowing when things were extremely happy and when they were quite unpleasant.

Towns declared that, now that Edwards is experiencing some difficulty, he plans to offer him as much help as he requires. He also wants to encourage his younger buddy to take full use of this opportunity:

This s**t can pass quickly, Towns said. “I’ve played with a lot of talented teammates who were furious about everything and ended up being kicked out of the league. And they regret not savoring such occasions more while they were NBA players instead of always returning home dejected.

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Towns want Edwards to know that he will always have his back at the end of the day: Just let him know that he has me and family, Towns said. I’ll always be willing to risk my life to defend him.

Even though the Timberwolves are currently having some difficulties, it is evident that their players have a strong sense of togetherness. This is what will help them overcome any obstacles they encounter this season.


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