TJ Warren

According to Woj, TJ Warren and Edmond Sumner have agreed to terms with the Brooklyn Nets and will join the Nets’ roster.

Prior to the start of last season, Sumner was moved to the Nets because of an Achilles ailment. Finally, the Nets waived Sumner in order to clear some space on their rosters. The end of Ed’s tenure with the Pacers was a dreadful end to a career punctuated by flashes of brilliance.

A cruel twist of fate struck Sumner just before training camp in 2020-21 when his promise became reality and he became one of the most dynamic players in the league. Here’s hope Sumner can return to his pre-injury form, soaring around the floor as if on a hoverboard and continuing to shoot 3-pointers that make him an exceedingly hardcover.

 TJ Warren

There was no chance for Indiana Pacers fans to see TJ Warren’s slick scoring arsenal he unleashed in Orlando recently, where he opened play with a delectable 53-point outburst against the Sixers on just 29 attempts. TJ Warren missed the final two seasons of his career in Indianapolis. When they finished the regular season 6-2 and with Warren averaging 31 points per game for their first six games, it was enough to secure a postseason spot for the Pacers.

The Pacers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Miami Heat after Warren missed the final two games of the regular season because of a back injury. A Pacers fan joke was born last season when the term “weeks, not months” became a running gag regarding the status of Warren.

TJ Warren

As far as we can tell, Warren had been on ice for the whole season because of an injury, although he was sighted multiple times before games, getting up shots and looking terrific in that capacity (which did not include running up and down the court).

We hope that TJ may find a period of good health and show off his incredible scoring talent once more.

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