Warriors Could Lose Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, and Jordan Poole, According to Rumors!

Warriors Face Risk

There’s no better way to describe the current state of the Golden State Warriors than “on top of the world” after their recent NBA victory. Still, there are several roster flaws that need fixing.

A number of vital Warriors have left via free agency. They have kept Kevon Looney and made some intriguing additions, but they are in a precarious position from a salary cap perspective, making it difficult to retain their players.

It would appear, however, that nobody at the front desk cares about this. To be more specific, Kendra Andrews reported that contract extension talks with Draymond Green, Jordan Poole, and Andrew Wiggins have not yet begun.

The Warriors have reportedly not approached its star players about extending their contracts yet, according to rumors circulating in the National Basketball Association.

That sort of talk hasn’t begun in earnest yet, “, Andrews remarked. “Conversations with Jordan Poole on a contract extension for the rookie (a non-maximum) don’t pick up until closer to that October 17th deadline,” the team’s general manager said.

Andrews continued, “With the Warriors’ salaries, with the landscape of their money, they’re not rushing into any of these conversations.” “So, considering Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green, they have all season to work out that agreement, and it won’t have to be finalized for another couple of years at the earliest. Therefore, at the present time, that is not a high priority for them.

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The Warriors should reach an agreement with Poole before he becomes a restricted free agent and demands more money. The Dubs may have to pay Wiggins a hefty sum after his spectacular season.

According to league sources, if Green is not offered a four-year max contract deal, he will explore free agency. So, observe the Warriors and see how they respond to this challenge.

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