Seth Rollins

The WWE United States Champion, Seth Rollins, had the opportunity to speak with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick about how things have been going on RAW and why he decided to defend his title in a three-way match at Survivor Series WarGames after having to endure surprise attacks from Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory in the following weeks. Did he realize the importance of the game, or does “The Visionary” have something else in store for the Boston, Massachusetts, TD Garden crowd?

“Graves, you understand that I requested this match, right?” Rollins questioned his interrogator. I requested this battle because I have a beef with both of these individuals, and I reasoned that a triple threat match would be like killing two birds with one stone if you get my drift.


Now, you can survive a wild Bobby Lashley if you are equipped, and fortunately for me, I have a Ph.D. in getting back up. I’m like the Goonies, I never say die. You don’t tame a wild Bobby Lashley, either.

And as for Austin’s Theory, despite the fact that he has lost everything and may now be more dangerous than ever, there is no denying that he is still the most foolish guy alive. Don’t misunderstand me; I didn’t think that was perfectly timed because he attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on my US Title.

Instead, as something of an expert in cash-ins. Because of what he attempted to do to me last week, Austin Theory is the most idiot on the globe. Austin Theory jumped me from behind and attempted to outplay me. My name was chosen by Austin Theory to make a name for himself, but that never works out well for anyone.

Do you not believe in theory? Want someone to vouch for it? Why don’t you pick up your tiny cell phone and give Cody Rhodes a call to see how his rehabilitation is progressing? Yes, you say, Cody, Cody, is picking a fight with Seth Freakin Rollins a good idea? You inform me about his remarks.

The basic thing is that, although we are not in the WarGames match on Saturday at Survivor Series, I can assure you that there will be a battle. Three men who do not get along are going toe to toe, and since we are all on the verge of breaking, anything might happen.

Seth Rollins

Bobby Lashley, too? He’s a brute, and I’ve dealt with those before. As for Austin Theory, I used to be Austin Theory, so I know him like the back of my hand. What are those boys going to do to be ready for me is the actual question? Because I am unique, The Visionary, a revolutionary, and Seth Freakin Rollins, and because I will continue to be the United States Champion after Survivor Series.

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Wow, Rollins absolutely infantilized Theory and reduced Lashley to a big brute, and he even made fun of Rhodes, who isn’t anticipated to make a WWE comeback this year. The US Champion would be in fine shape going into Survivor Series if that had been the end of the champion’s portion on RAW, but in a very interesting turn of events, the cameras cut right to Theory, who instantly cut a promo of his own.

Austin Theory punched back at Seth Rollins ahead of WWE Survivor Series.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque decided to shake things up, break with tradition, and go all-in on building up the third-most important match as the company’s final Big 4 “Premium Live Event” of the calendar year. Normally, when a performer like Rollins spends the duration of a pop song shooting at his opponents prior to a match, one doesn’t immediately cut to his opponent for a retort unless it’s explicitly advertised as such.

Fortunately, Theory kept his word and delivered one of his stronger promos while on the WWE main roster.

Seth Rollins

Theory yelled at the camera, “Seth Freakin Rollins, you don’t understand me; nobody understands me.” And I’ve reached my lowest point, which is actually the best thing that’s ever happened to me because, as you can see, I’m no longer the youngest this or the next big that, and Seth, I’m not that kid you’ve fought with before; I’m a new man and I’ll be taken seriously.

And after Survivor Series, everyone in this industry will be aware of the time. The disrespect ends right here because anyone who wants to step up will be sent home. I’m specifically addressing Dolph, Seth, and Bobby.

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Bobby, you’re probably someplace punching a hole in a wall, but I know you’re watching. But both of you should pay special attention to what I do to Mustafa Ali tonight because the outcome will depend on what occurs at Survivor Series on Saturday.

Immediately after his promo, Theory entered the ring and proved what he said with devastation on an already battered Mustafa Ali before tossing him to the wolves, a.k.a. Lashley, to be dissected. Even while some people may not be especially thrilled to see Theory in this match, it is reasonable to say that he is moving toward something far more significant than his performances during the summer would have suggested.


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