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Vince McMahon is Reportedly Very High on Mandy Rose

27-year-old Mandy Rose was called up to the main roster on November 20th, 2017. In the 13 months since, she’s been featured in Absolution and then furthered her alliance with Sonya Deville after Paige’s...

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Backstage News On Vince McMahon Coming To RAW

WWE Monday Night RAW has suffered multiple lows in views and rating this month. WWE had learned a lot from this, they have actually turned their attention as Seth Rollins segment delivered this week,...

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Fan Tattooed Vince McMahon On His Butt (Photo)

Fans are the ones who make the superstars. They follow them, adore them and gets the tattoo of their loved one superstar. This time fan tattooed Vince McMahon on his butt, It sounds strange but...