Painting Hacks

In search for the perfect paint colors might be enjoyable, but what about all that planning? No, not at all. Remove all of the items from the room, lay down a drop cloth, and use painter’s tape to cover all of the trim, including the doors and windows, the ceiling, the shelves, and the woodwork that lines the walls.

Oh, and before you start painting, make sure the walls are spotless. When all you want to do is paint a wall, the preparation is such a bother. But there is good news: there are quick cuts that can decrease the time needed for preparation in half without sacrificing quality. Check out these painting tricks from TikTok user @therenegadehome before you tape off your entire space.

She uploaded two films, each containing three painting tips, for a grand total of six foolproof methods of avoiding paint messes in the future. Looking for the perfect paint colors may be a lot of fun. That’s not the case at all.

Moving the furniture, laying down a drop cloth, and wrapping every door and window frame, as well as the ceiling, shelves, and any woodwork along the walls with painter’s tape is essential. Oh, and before you start painting, make sure the walls are spotless.

Line Your Trim with a File Folder

Painting Hacks

There’s no need to bring any more masking tape. To prevent paint from getting everywhere when you work on tough, detailed sections like door frames and trim that link to the floor or ceiling, use a file folder.

What you need is a folder, your paintbrush, and a steady hand. Slide the folder along the surface between the painted and unpainted portions. In what way? Crisp edges without the need to spend 45 minutes carefully positioning painter’s tape.

Keep the Paint Can Tidy

All the tape you won’t be used to hang things on the wall can be put to good use by taping the paint container’s lid shut. The dreaded paint-covered bucket and label may be avoided, which is a major pet hate of painters everywhere.

Applying two pieces of tape together at an angle across the top edges of the can is a handy painting technique. Wrap the third piece of tape around the can just under the rim to secure it, and you’re done! The finished DIY spout facilitates paint pouring and cleaning up with minimal effort. Remove the tape after usage, then cover and put it aside until you need it again.

Keep Your Paintbrush Clean?

Painting Hacks

If You Aren’t Cautious, the Handle of Your Paintbrush Will Gets All Over Your Hands and Clothes. Painter’s Tape Wrapped Over the Bottom of The Brush and The Handle Will Prevent This from Happening.

The Event that Things Get Messy, You Can Either Reapply the Tape as You Go or Wipe Off the Extra Paint with A Towel. the Brush Will Seem Virtually Brand New, but For the Bristles, and May Be Easily Stored by Just Ripping Off the Tape After You’re Done.

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Use a Rubber Band to Wipe Your Brush

Trying to Close a Paint Can that Has a Dirty Rim Is One of Life’s Greatest Frustrations. You Can Prevent This from Happening by Placing a Rubber Band Around the Can in A Vertical Orientation, with The Center of The Band at The Top. Your Brush May Be Dipped Into the Paint and Excess Paint Wiped Off on The Rubber Band, Allowing You to Reuse the Paint.

Use Fabric Softener to Clean Your Brushes

Painting Hacks

While Paint Crusting on Brushes Is Something We Always Try to Avoid, There Are Situations when Water Alone Isn’t Enough to Keep Them from Hardening. Brushes Can Be Cleaned Quickly and Easily by Soaking Them in A Solution of Fabric Softener and Water for An Hour. the Results Will Be Like Brand New!

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Use a 6-In-1 Painter’s Tool to Clean Rollers

The Rounded End of This Useful Tool Can Be Used to Scrape Away Extra Paint, and The Remainder Can Be Easily Washed Away. It’s a Putty Knife, Scraper, Gouge, and Paint Can Opener All in One; Is There Anything It Can’t Do? Before You Start Painting, Go out And Buy a 6-In-1 Tool Like This.


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