Airpod Hacks

When Apple released its AirPods headphones in 2016, the company forever altered the audio industry. If you removed the wire and set the AirPods down on their own, they seemed to be standard earbuds.

The business claims they were designed to do away with the cumbersome cords seen in conventional headphones, allowing you to listen to music in peace while also being free to carry out any necessary actions.

They would be technologically advanced as well; for example, sensors would know when to pause the music, and a double tap would activate Siri and allow you to make adjustments. There has been a lot of buzz around AirPods ever since they were released, and there are even several tricks that every user should know.

Any regular user of AirPods is likely to agree that they are a fantastic piece of technology due to their portability, simplicity, and overall coolness. Plus, because there is no connection connecting the headphones to the phone, you have more freedom to walk around or hold the phone at a comfortable, arm’s-length distance from your body.

AirPods have their own set of hidden features, but there are certain hacks and workarounds available to make them more versatile. Know these tricks if you own a pair of AirPods:

Pair Them with Non-Apple Devices

There’s no denying that Apple intended for AirPods to be used in tandem with other Apple items, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them with other brands’ gadgets. LifeHacker claims that with a few extra steps, you can use them as Bluetooth headphones with other devices as well.

Instructions on the site state that you should place your AirPods in the charging case, open the lid, and press and hold the flat button on the back of the case until the white light between the AirPods begins to flash (this indicates that you are in pairing mode), and then locate your AirPods in the Bluetooth menu of the device you wish to pair them with. Although they will be linked, you should expect some functionality loss.

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Set up Call Announcements

Airpod Hacks

The Ability to Use Air Pods as A Hands-Free Headset Means that You Can Walk About While Using Them to Make Phone Calls, Just Like Something out Of the Future (which Apparently You Are). However, as Any Air Pods User Knows, Doing so Eliminates the Convenience of Not Having to Remove Your Phone from Your Ear to See Who Is Calling.

There Is No Need to Check Your Phone if You Have Call Announcements Set Up. According to Life Hacker, All You Have to Do Is Go to Your Device’s Settings, Select Phone, and Then Select Announce Calls. if You Set Your Air Pods to “headphones Only,” They Will Announce Who Is Calling as Long as They Are on Your Contact List.

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Turn Them Into Earrings?

A User’s Diy Air Pod Earrings Tweet Quickly Gained Widespread Attention. They Hang from Lengthy Chains Outside Your Ears and Snap Snugly Into Your Piercings When You’re Ready to Put Them On.

Customize The Double Tap Commands

The Ability to Double-Tap Your Air Pods to Do Various Actions without Having to Look at Your Phone Is a Great Feature. They’re Programmed to Launch Siri by Default, but You Can Change that Behavior, as Detailed by Life Hacker.

to Activate Bluetooth on An I Os Device, Tap the Settings App, and Then Tap Bluetooth. Under “my Devices,” Locate Your Air Pods and Click the Blue I Icon that Appears Next to Them for Further Information. Select the Actions You Want Each Earbud to Perform by Double-Tapping on Air Pod. for Each Ear, You May Customize the Controls to Do Actions Such as “play/pause” or “next Track,” Making It a Breeze to Navigate Your Music Library.

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Improve Their Fit

 Airpod HacksAirpod Hacks

Air Pods Don’t Have a Universally Great Fit. It’s Not Ideal for People with Larger Ears to Have Their Air Pods Fall out Of Their Ears Occasionally. One Individual Wrote About His Efforts to Resolve This Issue in A Mac Rumors Forum.

He Tried Several Different Cases Before Realizing that The Air Pods Required a Grip to Keep Them in Place. He Modified His Air Pods with A Hole Punch and Some Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape. He Recommends Making Small Holes in The Tape with A Hole Punch and Applying the Resulting Dots to The Air Pods in Areas Where More Traction Is Desired.

for One Minute, Press Down so The Adhesive Can Heat Up. He found that Two Dots on Each Air Pod Provided the Best Fit, but You Can Try Several Configurations to Find What You Prefer.

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Make It Easier to Check the Battery

Low Battery on Your Air Pods Can Be Hard to Spot. if You Want to Check the Battery in Record Time, Try This. Gear Patrol Claims that The Battery May Be Added to The I iPhone’s Today View Screen. to Access It, Swipe Left from The Home or Lock Screen. You May Monitor the Power of Your Air Pods and Their Charging Case by Placing the “batteries” Widget in That Area.

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