American Airlines Wi Fi 2022

Inflight Wi-Fi

Select domestic flights offer the option to upgrade their Wi-Fi to high-speed. Stream Netflix, Hulu, and HBO with lightning-fast speed. Browse the internet and email with lightning-fast speed.

You can check your boarding card or go online to see what’s on your flight before you get on board.

Wi-Fi and connectivity


Aainflight.Com Wifi


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How to connect to Wi-Fi

Phone or Tablet:

The “AA-Inflight Wi-Fi” signal can be accessed by turning on airplane mode and connecting to it.

To get to, open a browser and type in the address bar.


Join the “AA-Inflight” Wi-Fi network. should be entered in the address bar of your web browser to be rerouted if you’re not.


You can always access for free during your flight.

Pay as you fly

Wi-Fi may be purchased for as cheap as $10 on most trips.

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Pay Monthly

For $49.95 per month or $59.95 per month for two devices, sign up for American Airlines’ Wi-Fi Subscription Plan.

A subscription plan for American Airlines Wi-Fi must be purchased:

  • Be a member of the Advantage program
  • Advantage® members should have an email address recorded in their profile.
  • Keep an American billing address on file in your Advantage® account.
  • Not a member of Advantage®? Join us now!

As long as you’re flying within the United States or to one of the countries listed above, you’ll be able to use your monthly Wi-Fi membership on any flight you take.

The American Airlines Wi-Fi Subscription Plan does not cover Panasonic foreign Wi-Fi services.

Aainflight.Com Wifi

Subscription for Wi-Fi on American Airlines Accessibility requirements may not be met by the new window being opened.

Terms used in Wi-Fi law

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Customer support for Wi-Fi

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Powered by the vehicle itself

Most of our planes are equipped with AC power outlets and/or USB power connections, and we’re working to add more outlets and ports to the rest of our fleet.

See how much power our planes have to offer.

Phones and other electronic gadgets

You can use your cell phone, laptop, and other electronic devices on board until the flight crew advises you otherwise, however phone calls are not permitted during the flight.

During taxi, takeoff, and landing, please bear these items in mind:

You can either hold the smartphone or place it under your seat after you’ve put it in airplane mode.

You cannot hold heavy items such as laptop computers or virtual reality headsets while you are driving. They should be switched off and put away.

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