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Where can I look them up without spending any money? You can save time and money by using one of the top free people search services to verify someone’s identity or reconnect with a lost friend or acquaintance. In addition to providing basic information about a person for free, the finest people search sites(opens in new tab) also have the option of conducting a more in-depth background check for a fee (opens in new tab).

We’ve compiled a list of the top free people search services, discussing and assessing providers whose databases you may search by name, phone number, photo, or VIN. With each service, you can find helpful results for free.

What Features Might You Expect to Find at A Free People-Search Website?

The answers in this tutorial are free if you’re on a tight budget and merely need to verify your age, address, and phone number. If you have someone’s name, phone number, or other identifying information, like an address, you can conduct an unrestricted search on most free people search services.

However, background checks and financial viability analyses are not typically included in free searches. Though most of the following options let you purchase comprehensive background checks, those with more complex needs are better served by premium services like Truthfinder or Intelius.

Which Are the Top Free Sites for Finding People?

That’s Them emerged as the clear winner in our comparison of free people search sites thanks to the wealth of information provided by its free searches and the ease with which reverse searches could be conducted using email addresses, IP addresses, or vehicle identifying numbers (VIN).

Peek, TinEye, Zaba Search, and Whitepages You are direct rivals because you both provide a variety of useful search features for free, making you both strong contenders for the title of “best free people search site.” Read on to find out which option is ideal for you.

By entering a person’s name or phone number, Zaba Search returns relevant information about them, such as their age, current residence, and the first six digits of their phone number. If the name you’ve searched for is rather common, you can narrow down your results by age and location using the toolbar at the top of the page.

Zaba Search allows you to quickly verify a person’s entire address and age, as well as put a name to an unknown caller, however, its findings aren’t as extensive as those of That’s Them (which lists email addresses, birthdays, and even IP addresses for free). This can come in handy if someone new has recently joined your inner circle or if a certain person keeps calling and interrupting you.

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Intelius, the provider’s subsidiary, offers a premium subscription with access to additional records such as past addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles (opens in a new tab).

 Peek You

Phishcheck 2.0 beta - Details -

If you know someone’s name or username and want to see what they’re up to online, you can utilize Peek You to receive a quick overview of their profile. Let’s pretend you received a rude tweet from an unknown user. If you know someone’s username, you may utilize Peek You to find their online profiles by simply pasting it into the search bar.

High-level identifiers such as name, age, family members, and location may also be included in the search results alongside the possibility of images and connections to social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Truthfinder(opens in new tab) and BeenVerified are affiliates that offer premium plans with access to premium data like contact info and criminal history (opens in new tab).

That’s Them

That’s Them provides a lot of data that can’t be found on other free people search sites. You may do a search by name, phone number, address, email, IP address, or VIN number, and all of them are free.

That’s Them was our top option because unlike other people’s search solutions, it does not restrict access to essential contact information (such as complete addresses and phone numbers) behind a paid subscription wall and it also allows you to search by IP address and vehicle identification number.

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If you look someone up using any of these methods, you’ll find out where they live now, where they used to live, what their phone number is, what email address they have, when they were born, and who their friends are. Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, and any other public social media profiles that were searched for were also returned. That’s Them tells us that our query took 0.1 seconds, and that premium plans(opens in a new tab) provide unlimited searches with no ads.

Tin Eye

TinEye allows you to upload an image file or URL and get a list of websites that could possibly host that picture. If you need to contact someone but don’t know their name, telephone, or address, this could be a useful resource. If you’re using a dating app and want to verify a person’s identity, you can upload a screenshot of them and check their profile on TinEye.

TinEye’s inability to search images on many social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, is a major drawback. However, you may find results that go to other job boards or blogging websites, where you can confirm your own name, address, and occupation.

When the people being queried have a sizable internet presence, narrowing the results by website might be quite helpful.

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