Garlic Hacks

Who enjoys removing the papery, sticky skin from a garlic clove? Not a single person. Despite its apparent ease, this is one of the kitchen’s most time-consuming chores. As a result, there are bound to be countless “hacks” claiming to be the ultimate method for garlic peeling. But are any of these approaches the best? To find out which methods for peeling garlic actually work, we tried five of them. the distinction between those that do work and those that don’t.

Hack #1: The Boiling Water Method

In May of 2020, as boredom with the quarantine kitchen was setting in, we tested an exploit. Garlic may have its skin easily peeled off by immersing it in a pot of boiling water for one minute. Is it efficient?

Yes. Do you have more time? Since you need to let the garlic cool before peeling it (unless you enjoy having burnt hands) and since you need to wait for the water to boil, the answer is no. If we had a huge task ahead of us, like peeling 10 bulbs of garlic, we may resort to this technique.

Hack #2: The Shake Method

The next steps are as follows: Put the garlic in one bowl and invert the other bowl on top of it while keeping the two bowls together with your hands. You should now shake your homemade garlic maraca till your arms give out.

With any luck, the garlic cloves in the bowl will have peeled off by themselves. Surprisingly, it seems to work. If we may make one suggestion, To prevent the bowls from breaking apart, you can either wrap them in a towel or use a container with a lid.

Hack #3: The Crush Method

You’ve probably heard this before unless you’ve never used garlic in a dish: Garlic should be crushed using the flat side of a chef’s knife and the heel of your palm. It does what you want it to do, however, the squished chunk of garlic you end up with makes mincing a nightmare. Truth be told, we’ll only use this technique if we don’t care how our garlic looks after being thrown into the pot.

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Hack #4: The Pinch Method

There are no other implements needed for this feat. Simply place a garlic clove between your thumb and index finger and pinch until the skin splits. Then, it should pull off easily, albeit maybe in fragments.

This editor has a personal interest in this easy technique because she picked it up from a fellow culinary student. Ignore the third trick and always use this one instead; it’s foolproof and your garlic won’t be smashed on the counter.

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Hack #5: The Palm Method

Take a clove of garlic and roll it around between your flat hands to break it down. Is the garlic ready to be peeled? There’s a good chance it isn’t, but we’re betting on… although I imagine that you have some rough spots on your hands.

Rolling the garlic for a minute resulted in the above photo. This technique, which we learned about in a cooking class of all places, is both excruciatingly unpleasant and useless, so we’ll pass on it.

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