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You’ve found the ideal site if you want to know how to compress a PDF so that it’s easier to send around and keep track of. Let’s have a look at what exactly PDF compression implies before we move on to the tutorial.

Files can be made smaller and “fit better” with the help of a technique called compression. Regrettably, the quality of the compressed files is typically compromised in the process.

For evidence, consider the quality loss that occurs when compressing JPEG photographs in Photoshop. And same.

Well, the same holds true for digital documents, save from the fact that here we have a lot more compression options, so you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice too much quality.

The compression efficiency of, say, a PDF document is already optimized for its format. By default, the PDF can handle the two most common kinds of compression: lossless and lossy. The essay expands on the differences between these two compression methods, but the essential point is this:

If your file contains text, you should utilize lossless since its algorithm generates bookmarks for textual patterns, saves them to a catalog, and then retrieves them to your file.

Lossy compression is useful for reducing the size of photos and other graphics by discarding unnecessary data. The final product is a compressed image of lower quality due to the compression process.

These compression methods won’t just appear, of course. They often need PDF compressing software, which can be either web-based or desktop-based.

In two ways, your PDF document benefits from compression software.

Pdf Compressor

1) JPEG, ZIP, or LZW compression is used to downsample and compress the photos.

2) A lossless technique is used to compress the text.

Now that we’ve covered the technical details, let’s look at the two options for decreasing a PDF’s file size.

One, compress your PDF with a desktop application, which offers superior compression, more control over downsampling algorithms, and greater security. Many individuals choose the second option, despite the fact that it requires more time to have the program downloaded and set up.

The second option is to use an online PDF compression tool, which is both quick and effective for the vast majority of users. Depending on the intricacy and structure of your PDF, you might expect a reduction of 20-30% using this strategy. However, we advise a desktop program like Able2Extract for corporate users. Let’s look into each of these possibilities and determine which one best fits your needs.

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How to Compress a PDF File with Desktop Software

When we compress PDFs with a desktop program, we have far more control over the finer points of the compression process. When sending a PDF by email, it is extremely helpful to minimize its size as much as possible. Okay, so let’s begin.

Launch the PDF reader you choose to use. For this, we’ll be using our very own custom version of Able2Extract.

Choose View > PDF Creation Settings.

Select the Compression menu option.

The majority of the space in PDF documents is taken up by images, and the three main panels here are all concerned with picture reduction. Ensure that Compress Text is selected and that everything else is set up as shown below.

This is the starting point for Able2Extract’s maximum PDF compression.

Once you’ve finished configuring Create PDF, you may click OK and from then on, any PDF you make will be fully compressed.

Tips for Online PDF Compression Tools

By a wide margin, the most common method of PDF compression is to submit the file to a preferred online application and click the “Compress” button. We can confirm that this method is effective. True, that’s the case most of the time.

Keep in mind that there is no substitute for a desktop solution that can process everything locally, without sending your file to an external server, when it comes to file and document security.

However, if you do some research online, you can find many trustworthy and free PDF compressing tools.

These programs perform well in their ability to reduce the size of a document; depending on the PDF format, you can achieve compression rates of over 30%.

They are all simple to implement, and what’s more, most of them are gratis. However, they have constraints, such as those imposed by file size or the number of compressions that can be performed.

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There you have it, a brief but hopefully helpful introduction to PDF compression. A quick review:

Use a desktop program (like Able2Extract) to precisely tune your compression parameters for both images and text when compressing large and/or sensitive PDF files.

Use an online application for a quicker method of PDF compression that also allows you to work on your PDFs while you’re on the road, perfect for compressing smaller (less crucial) files.

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