How To Download FAU-G Game On iOS & Android: Check Here for The Complete Guide!

FAU-G Game

In India, iOS users can now download FAUG (Fearless and United Guards). For the first time in precisely two months since it was released for Android, makers nCore Games have announced that their action game is finally available on the Apple App Store.

On January 26, FAUG was introduced in India for Android handsets. To play, you had to go through the Google Play Store. Those with an iPhone or iPad can now do so via the Apple App Store. A quick look at how to get FAUG on iOS and compatible Apple devices.

How to Download Fau-G

FAUG is now available for Android devices and may be downloaded from the Google Play Store by players. Android OS 8 Oreo or higher would be required to play the game on smartphones. FAUG is a large game, weighing in at 460 MB, and as such, certain requirements must be met in order to play. This game will not run well on all Android phones, and this would be a major problem for budget-friendly Android devices. High-end smartphones should have no trouble playing this game.

Players can find FAUG by searching for it in the Google Play Store. Players can download the game to their phones by clicking on the Download button if their handsets meet the system requirements. In order to use FAUG, you must have an internet connection that is both active and steady.

Is Fau-G Available on App Store?

If you’re wondering, “Can I download FAUG from the iOS App Store?”, you’re out of luck. FAUG is not yet available for download from the iOS App Store. The FAUG iOS release hasn’t been announced either. FAUG’s iOS release will be eagerly awaited by fans, who are equally split between Android and iOS users. Players will have to be patient if they want to download FAUG on the iOS App Store in the near future.

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How to Download Fau-G on IOS

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Fau-G Game Details

You take on the role of an “FAU-G commando on patrol in the perilous border region” in the FAUG video game, which was developed and produced in India. Galway Valley skirmish events are recreated in the action game’s campaign mode. For the time being, FAUG only has a single-player mode, but developer nCore Games has announced that Team Deathmatch will be available soon.

nCore has stated that a battle royale mode would be added in the future, as well as a number of other improvements. Close fighting, including fist blows and the use of melee weapons, is the primary mode of combat in Galway Valley.

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Deathmatch Mode for Fau-G

Because of this, FAU-G is working on bringing a multiplayer Team Deathmatch mode to their game. Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood star and FAU-G brand ambassador, recently announced the film’s imminent release on Twitter.

The clip shows characters wielding a variety of weapons, including handguns and assault rifles. In light of the popularity of such modes in shooting games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, FAU-G needed to implement one as well.

Like the single-player mode, where players are not allowed to use guns, the Deathmatch mode appears to allow this. A five-on-five mode will very certainly be included. According to previous reports, if you are killed by an opponent, you will respawn in the spawn zone on the map. But no official word from the corporation on when this new mode would be made available.


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