How to Find Ip Address

Internet and networks don’t recognize machines (of any size, including your smartphone) by the names you give them. Computers are numerical creatures; the numeric identities they utilize are known as IP addresses.

The “IP” in TCP/IP refers to the “internet protocol” that is part of the Transmission Control Protocol. It’s all referred to as IP or Internet Protocol, and TCP/IP is the language most networks utilize for the exchange of data.

There are multiple IP addresses at play when talking about your computer(s). The IP address is the computer’s means of communicating with the rest of the internet. Your ISP will often designate this IP address for the router, and it will be the router’s job to forward data from your PCs and other devices to the wider Internet. The router knows how to send and receive data from/to the computer, even though the website just sees the IP address on the router. This is why it’s referred to as a router.

Whether they’re connected by Wi-Fi or Ethernet, computers on private networks (such as those found in homes and offices) all have unique IP addresses (usually by the router). In that manner, there will be open lines of communication between the many internal nodes. IP addresses are assigned by the router using a technique called Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP).

If a router gives a node an IP address, the address is termed “dynamic” since it is possible that the router will allocate a new IP address to the node in question at a later time (same with the IP address your ISP gives your router).

However, computers can have “static IP addresses” that don’t change, which might be useful for some types of network interactions where it’s critical to repeatedly locate the same node. You might also request a static IP address for your router, which is useful if you run a web server but would likely incur additional fees from your Internet service provider.

Standard IPv4 addresses look like a 32-bit number, with four decimal digits ranging from 0 to 255 and separated by periods; these groups of three digits are known as octets. IP version 4 employs this format (or IPv4). You could, in theory, use addresses between and As a result, the number of available IP addresses was capped at over 4 billion, which is well short of what is needed.

In addition to IPv4, which is 128 bits long, IPv6 is also available, and it consists of eight sets of four hexadecimal digits (a mixture of numerals and lowercase letters) separated by a colon (for example 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334). That’s a lot more than 4 billion potential mailing addresses. To be precise, the number is 34 followed by 37 zeros (or 2 raised to the 128th power), or 340282,366,920938463,463,374,607431,768,211455. Those are a lot of addresses.

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Find Your Internet/public Ip Address

At some point, you might need to access your router and for that, you’ll need to know its IP address. Useful for things like computer-to-computer calls and remote-control software.

You’ll also learn a lot about yourself from your IP address, such as the name of your Internet service provider and your approximate physical location (called a GeoIP). That’s because Internet service providers assign a certain number of IP addresses. Any IP address may be looked up in a public database, revealing the user’s service provider and whereabouts.

Simply typing “what is my IP?” into a search engine will return your router’s public IP address.

Discovering Your Mac’s Local IP Address

How to find your local IP address on a Mac

Select Network from the View menu, or use the System Preferences’ Network option.

Learn how to access your Mac’s local IP address in a number of different ways. To get started, select View > System Preferences from the menu bar, or double-click the Network. icon.

You can select your network option on the left.

The IP address of the local network that you are connected to through Ethernet or USB will be displayed.

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Viewing Your Ip Address on Mac

The IP address is displayed with the connection status when using Wi-Fi.

Your Mac’s IP Address When Connected Via Wi-Fi

Using the Terminal on macOS to Obtain a Private IP Address

Switch on the computer’s terminal. It’s probably in the Applications folder; look in the Utility folder.

Connect over Ethernet by typing ipconfig getifaddr en1. To use a wireless network, type ipconfig getifaddr en0.

By entering just one piece of information into the Terminal app’s command prompt, you may see both your private and public IP addresses.

Enter the command curl ifconfig. me into the Terminal app on your Mac to view your public IP address.

How to Find Your Ip Address on Android

Just on the menu button, then tap About phone.

Learn all there is to know about your Samsung Android device.

Confirmation of Current Status on Tap (if you have a Samsung phone). Depending on the Android version you’re using, you may be able to bypass this and go straight to the IP address.

Locating the current status of your Android Galaxy phone.

Scroll down to view your IP address (both your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses).

Learn how to locate your IP address on a Samsung Android device.

IP Address Locator for iOS

IP Address Locator for iOS

The Settings App in iOS

Select the blue information icon next to your current Wi-Fi network to view more details about it.

Wi-Fi preferences in iOS

Your IP address is listed below.

In iOS, you may check your wireless network’s configurations.

Understanding where to look for an IP address

The website’s IP address is what you need, right? You can utilize a variety of online resources, or the Windows Command Prompt, to accomplish this.

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