Do iPhones allow for the concealment of applications? Absolutely! Whether it was downloaded from the Program Store or not, you can easily conceal any app by deleting it from your Home Screen, hiding it from Search and Siri Suggestions, and concealing your purchase history.

Hide a whole page of your Home Screen or organize your apps into folders to conceal many icons at once. Using each strategy, we’ll demonstrate how to conceal an iPhone app.

How to Hide Apps on Home Screen Using the App Library

If you’re using iOS 14 or later on your iPhone, you’ll already have access to the App Library. Here’s how you conceal apps from view on the Home screen by moving them to the App Library.

Hold down the app icon until the app disappears from the screen. If an option appears to delete the program, select it.

There’ll be a second selection panel. Choose “Delete from Home” from the menu. The app will be uninstalled from your Home Screen but will remain in your App Library.

Using this method, you can conceal the program from view in the iPhone’s App Library. Swipe left to go to the previous Home Screen, then swipe again to open the App Library, where you can type the app’s name to find it.

Apps that have been removed from the Home screen can be easily re-added at a later time by searching the App Library. Check out this additional App Library guidance if you’re keen. Check read our post on offloading unneeded apps to see how your iPhone might automatically delete apps you rarely use.

Can I Hide Apps from The App Library?

You will not find a way to conceal applications from the App Library. As long as the app is on your smartphone, you can’t remove it from the App Library. So long as you don’t uninstall it between uses, the app will always be accessible via a search in the App Library.

Although this may be the only viable choice in really unusual circumstances, most individuals will find this to be impractical. If you’re set on using this method, head back up to the App Library instructions and choose “Delete App” from the resulting menu.

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How to Hide an Entire Page of Apps

How to Hide Apps on Iphone

My preferred method of concealing numerous apps is to cover a full page of them on the Home Screen. Drag the apps you wish to conceal to a separate page on the Home Screen before continuing. Then, read on to discover how to conceal apps on your iPhone by hiding a full page of apps from the Home Screen:

To enter editing mode, press and hold anywhere on the Home Screen. Select the Home icon (three dots) from the dock’s uppermost row.

You will be presented with an overarching view of all of the pages that make up your Home screen. Clicking the little checkbox at the bottom of a page will make it disappear. If a page in your Home screen folder isn’t marked with a check, it won’t show up when you swipe through your Home screen folder. You can undock this list of apps at any time by tapping the circle symbol again.

How To Hide Apps from I Phone Search & Smart Suggestions

How to Hide Apps on Iphone

Smart Suggestions Makes Use of Siri’s Intelligence to Recommend Apps Based on Your Usage Patterns, While the iPhone Search Feature Allows You to Search for Apps or Information on Your Smartphone from A Centralized Location. This May Cause the Hidden Program to Appear in Unwelcome Places, Such as Search Results or Recommendation Lists.

It’s Important to Note that Even if You Utilize This Strategy, a Determined Snoop Can Still Get Your Hidden Apps by Browsing the App Library. These Precautions, Though, Will Go a Long Way Toward Hiding Your App from Prying Eyes. to Prevent iPhone Search and Smart Suggestions from Displaying an App, Follow These Steps:

By Turning Off the Toggles for “show App in Search” and “show Content in Search,” You Can Prevent Search from Indexing the Contents of An App. when The Toggles Are Deactivated, They Turn from White to Gray.

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How to Hide Apps on Your iPhone Using App Folders

App Folders Are a Terrific Way to Organize Your Apps and Clear up Space on Your Home Screen. Option 2: How To Hide an Entire Page of Apps Is the Better Choice if You Want to Conceal a Number of Apps Simultaneously.

This Is the More Straightforward and Handy Approach. However, if You Do Decide to Go This Route, the Simplest Approach to Conceal Apps Within a Folder Is to Load up The Top Few Pages with Apps that You Don’t Want to Conceal. Using Your iPhone’s App Folders, You Can Conceal Your Apps from View.

You Can Add as Many as 12 Pages to A Folder, Each of Which Can Contain a Single Program if You Need to Bury Some of Your Apps Very, Very Well. Your App(s) Can Be Hidden on The Twelfth Page of A Folder Containing 11 Pages of Apps You Rarely Use. It’s evident that This Strategy Doesn’t Totally Conceal the Apps on Your iPhone, but It Does Make It Much More Difficult to Find Them by Accident. ​

You Now Have Several Options for Hiding Apps on Your iPhone, and You May Select the One that Best Suits Your Needs. We Can Also Demonstrate how To Unearth Secret Phone Apps in Case You’ve Concealed One a Little Too Effectively.


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