Is making money off of your TikTok channel a goal of yours? You’re not alone in feeling completely alone right now. Everyone who entered the world before 2004 has thought this exact same thing.

Earning money on TikTok, while appealing, is elusive for the most part.

Those with over 100,000 followers can expect to make $200-$1,000 monthly through TikTok’s Creator Fund, while those with over a million subscribers can expect to make $1,000-$5,000 (or more) monthly. Only a select few influencers who collaborate with major companies can make that much per post.

How Tik Tok Plans to Make Money in 2022

Many of these tactics can be used by an already established business, but others will necessitate launching your own TikTok corporation. Any business may use TikTok ads to drive customers to their website, but if you want to make money through the TikTok Creator Fund or as a brand ambassador, you’ll need to spend more time on the site.

There must either be a real-world counterpart to the product or service you’re promoting on TikTok. The year is 2022, so let’s get right down to the business of making money off of your TikTok channel.


Let’s jump right into 2022 and discuss how to monetize your TikTok channel.

  •  Using Tik Tok Shopping to Promote Your Products

In 2021, Tik Tok introduced Tik Tok Shopping, a feature that allows businesses to sell products directly on the platform, without having to direct their followers to an external website. You may now sell directly to your viewers by adding a Shopify store to the “shopping” section of your Tik Tok profile. You may also increase foot traffic to your store by publishing organic content that naturally incorporates product tags.

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Have Courage. Involve your readers in the promotion of your products by mentioning them in your writing. Occasionally promoting your TikTok channel is fine, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

  • Boost Revenue with Tik Tok Commercials

Promote your website, e-commerce platform, or in-app purchases with a Tik Tok ad campaign. You may monetize your Tik Tok channel by promoting your products with in-feed image ads or by finding creative uses for top view ads (full-screen takeovers).

Tik Tok Can Also Be Used at The Top of The Sales Funnel as A Tool to Encourage Users to Join Your Email or Text Message List. Make your Tik Tok channel seem less promotional while still having a major impact on your business’s bottom line by using this strategy. Is More Information on Tik Tok Commercials Something You’re Interested in? Watch Our Free Video Tutorial and Learn Everything You Need to Know About Our Service.

  • Engage in Affiliate Marketing

You don’t even have to have a product or service to sell in order to make money on Tik Tok. If you’d rather promote other people’s goods and services in exchange for a cut of the profits, affiliate marketing is the way to go. How to Do It Create a profile that includes your affiliate link and direct traffic from your organic views to it.

Get people to visit your social media profiles so you can dish out affiliate links freely Promo codes and URLs should be included in video descriptions. Users will need to copy and paste the link into their browser.

  • Play Music Far and Wide


Add Music to Videos and Get Paid for It. All videos on Tik Tok have music playing in the background because artists know how important it is. Artists may pay you to mention their work in your songs if you have a large following and a high level of engagement with your music. They Know if Your Video Goes Viral, Their Song Goes Viral—and that Means More Downloads, Concert Tickets, and Merch.

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Use Tik Tok to get the word out that you’re a musician (or aspiring musician). Because of its focus on music and movement, Tik Tok is a natural place to share original productions.

  • Sign up For Tik Tok’s Creator Fund

Creator Fund is a feature on Tik Tok that financially compensates users who regularly produce engaging video content. The success of your videos on TikTok will determine your earnings. Creators that help keep users on TikTok will be compensated (and thus the revenue generated by ads on the platform).

You need 100,000 views on your videos during the last 30 days to be considered for the creator fund. Given the novelty of the idea, TikTok is expected to evolve and change significantly over the next few years.

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