How to Screenshot on Dell Laptop

Are you in need of a screenshot? Taking screenshots on a Dell computer is as simple as pressing the Print Screen button once you’ve located it. We’ll walk you through locating and making use of that key in order to take screenshots.

Find the Print Screen Key on Your Dell Keyboard?

Using a third-party program to capture screenshots on your Windows 10 Dell PC is not required. Capturing the contents of your screen is a breeze with Windows 10’s built-in screenshot features. To do this, you must use your keyboard’s Print Screen button.

If you can’t find the key you’re looking for there, try the Function keys. Most frequently, you’ll find it on the F10 key. If you can’t find the key, you can always press Alt+Insert.

It’s important to know that Dell may call the Print Screen key something different on your device. On some keyboards, this key is referred to as PrintScreen, while others call it PrntScrn, PrntScr, PrtScn, PrtScr, PrtSc, or something similar.

Take the Screenshot on Your Dell Laptop or Desktop

How to Screenshot on Dell Laptop

You can now begin taking screenshots on your Dell computer after discovering the Print Screen key. Here are a few different methods for taking screenshots.

Take a Screenshot and Save It to Clipboard

Simply pressing a single key on your keyboard will copy the full contents of your screen to your clipboard.

Step one is to get to the screen you wish to capture. Press the Print Screen key once when you’re at that screen. You can copy an image of your complete screen to the clipboard by using this.

Just open up an image editor like Paint and use the shortcut keys Ctrl+V to paste your screenshot there for viewing.

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Capture a Screenshot and Save It as a PNG File

If you own a Dell computer, you can capture a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen button plus another key, and then save the resulting image as a PNG file.

To start, launch the screen you intend to capture. Simply hit the Windows key plus the Print Screen key on your keyboard to capture the screen. You can then save the screenshot as a PNG image by clicking the button.

To access this PNG file on your computer, please go to the following location. Just substitute your own username for USERNAME in the path below. For any reason, you might want to alter your computer’s default location for saving screenshots.

That’s also how you may keep all your screenshots in one organized place.

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Capture a Screenshot of A Specific Window

With Windows 10, you may capture just the contents of a single window without capturing the desktop.

The first step is to open the window you wish to record from.

Press the Alt key plus the Print Screen button on your keyboard. This copies the screenshot of the active window to the clipboard.

Just open up an image editor like Paint and hit Ctrl+V to see your screenshot. Your screenshot will load.

Now you know how to take screenshots on a Dell computer. Quite helpful!

If you’re using Windows 10, you may not realize that you can snap a screenshot without touching the keyboard.

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Using the Print Screen Key in Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8

To get a complete screenshot: Combine pressing the Windows key with the Print Screen key.

Press the Windows logo button and the volume down button at the same time to enter the recovery mode on a tablet. (The capture was placed in the Screenshots subfolder of the Pictures library.)

In order to record all open windows:

Use the PrntScrn key.

In order to record the contents of a single, live window:

Choose the window you wish to capture by tapping or clicking it.

A combination of the Alt and PrtScrn keys is needed.

There are other actions to do after pressing the Print Screen key to capture the appropriate screen or window. Cut and paste the screenshot into a graphics editor like Photoshop or Microsoft Paint. To paste the picture into a fresh image file, launch the program that can handle such files, and press Ctrl + V.

Windows Snipping Tool is where you should go for intricate screenshots.

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