ICICI Mobile Banking

First, in India, ICICI Bank launched Internet Banking. They’ve been in the vanguard of digital banking solutions, providing their consumers with cutting-edge banking options. ‘ To make banking easier for their consumers, they offer a variety of digital banking solutions.

Icici Bank Mobile Banking Solutions

Icici Bank’s mobile banking service

Digital banking has been mostly displaced by smartphones. On-the-go banking has been made possible by them. A number of non-financial transactions can now be completed without the use of a bank branch.

In order to provide its customers with the greatest mobile banking experience possible, ICICI Bank has invested a significant amount of resources. ICICI Bank customers have access to a variety of mobile banking options.

Icici Bank I Mobile App?

Android and iOS versions of iMobile are available. Customers can access their ICICI Bank accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the app. In addition to banking and information services, the app provides access to more than 200 more options. In addition to these, iMobile has many other functions.

The new version of the app has a more user-friendly interface and greater security features, making it easier for everyone to use. More than 200+ banking transactions may be done on the app, making banking accessible at all times and places.

Paying bills whenever and whenever you want: Using this software, you may pay your bills without having to stand in huge lines. It’s even possible to set up recurring payments to pay your bills automatically each month.

You can do more on the go now that you have this app. Booking cinema tickets, travel bookings and more can now be done with just a few clicks. When it’s convenient for you: Find an ATM, obtain a checkbook, halt a cheque, and much more may all be done through the app’s non-financial functions.

Safe and Secure: iMobile transactions are just as safe and secure as those made through Internet Banking thanks to the latest encryption technologies. Grid value verification is used in the app’s multi-step verification process.

Personal Identification Number (PIN), your Internet Banking User ID and Password, or Fingerprint verification are all options for logging in (Smartphone model specific). Your mobile phone does not save any crucial information.

Getting started with iMobile?

ICICI Mobile Banking

To get the mobile app, go to Google Play or Apple App Store and search for “iMobile.” Please keep in mind that the app will only work if your phone is connected to a SIM card that matches your bank records.

User authentication requires the use of a registered mobile number and the Grid Value from a Debit card for first-time users. Once they’ve been verified, they can either create a four-digit PIN or utilize Fingerprint authentication to sign in every time. The app will ask for your Fingerprint or PIN each time you launch it.

Services offered on iMobile:

  • Accounts & Deposits – View & manage all your relations with ICICI Bank under a single login.
  • Funds Transfer
  • Order Cheque Book
  • Positive Pay – To safeguard the cheques issued from the ICICI Bank Savings account
  • Transfer Your Account – Now you can transfer your bank account/change home branch to a branch nearest to you
  • Recharge your phone, DTH, or your Data Connection
  • Bill Payment – Pay your bills instantly now with iMobile. Choose from multiple registered billers to quick payment options.
  • Ticketing – Now book movie tickets directly from iMobile, the service is brought to you in association with BookMyShow.
  • Cards & Loans
  • Forex Services
  • Investments & Insurance
  • Offers – view all available offers for mobile banking users
  • Other Services

Accounts & Deposits — Manage all of your ICICI Bank accounts and deposits from a single login.

Transfer of money

Purchase a Checkbook.

To ensure the safety of ICICI Bank Savings account cheques, Positive Pay has been implemented.

Transferring Your Account – You can now move your bank account to a branch that is more convenient for you rather than your current one.

Your phone, DTH or Data Connection has to be refueled.

With iMobile, you may pay your bills instantly. Select from a variety of billers who have already registered to make a rapid payment.

It’s now possible to buy movie tickets directly from iMobile using BookMyShow, a service provided by iMobile.

Cards and Loans

Services in the field of Forex

The two most important aspects of financial planning are investments and insurance.

View all of the offers that are available to mobile banking customers.

Is Icici Bank Dipping Into My Wallet?

VISA’s e-wallet, Pockets, is powered by this service. Customers of any bank can use this app, not simply those of ICICI Bank. It can be used to recharge a mobile phone, send money, shop anywhere, pay bills, and much more. The physical shopping card option is also available, and it may be used at any retail location.

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Features of Icici Bank’s Pockets

Creating a wallet is as simple as downloading the Pockets app and doing it right away. You can use any bank debit card or online banking to fund your account.

Transfer Money to Anyone: Pockets app allows you to transfer money to a bank account and even to a person by using their cellphone number. It’s possible to accept money from friends in the wallet.

You may use the Pockets app to recharge your cell balance, purchase movie tickets, pay your bills, gift physical/e-gift cards, and split expenses with your friends and family members.

VISA is the backbone of the Pockets wallet, which means you may use it to make purchases at any Indian website or physical store, regardless of whether the website is in India or not. In addition, you can use the mVisa or touch & pay function on the Pockets app to pay for goods and services at retail locations.

Get the best bargains and offers from some of the world’s most popular businesses right from the app.

There’s always a chat option on the app if you need someone to talk to. NFC-enabled smartphones can use Touch & Pay to pay for goods and services. With this feature, you can pay your bill with your Pockets app by just tapping the merchant terminal.

Banking via Text Message

Banking transactions can be carried out quickly and easily using SMS Banking. In order to use SMS Banking, you would not require a smartphone or internet access. Pay bills, reload prepaid services, and use banking services all by texting a simple message.

SMS Banking offers a variety of services, including:

SMS Banking is a quick and convenient way of carrying out banking transactions. You wouldn’t need a smartphone or an internet connection to carry out SMS Banking. SMS Banking services allow you to pay bills, recharge prepaid services, and avail banking services by sending a simple SMS.

Some of the facilities available under SMS Banking are: 

  • Recharge – Any prepaid connection, broadband connection, or DTH Recharge
  • Postpaid Bill Pay
  • DMRC Card Recharge – Delhi Metro commuters who have an ICICI Bank account can recharge their Metro card through a single SMS
  • Alerts & Requests – You can now carry out services like checking your balance, viewing the last 5 transactions, viewing the payment due date of your credit card, and many more with SMS Banking
  • Missed Call Service – The facility allows you to know your account balance and last 3 transactions through an SMS from your registered mobile number.

Air Conditioning (A/C) Equilibrium: Missed 9594 612 612

Send “IBAL” to 9215 676 766 or 5676 766.

In the last three months: a call from 9594 613 613 was not answered,

Send the word ‘ITRAN’ to 9215 676 766 / 5676 766.


Customers who don’t have the mobile app can now use their mobile browser to access their online banking services. There, they must enter their internet login ID and password to access their account at m.icicibank.com. Using this manner, they are able to perform all of the same transactions as they would with their online or mobile banking. SSL encryptions are also used to protect your login information.

On your mobile browser, go to m.icicibank.com.User ID and Password for Internet Banking Using the Internet Banking login, you can perform the same kinds of transactions.

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