How to Block No Caller Id

It’s already annoying when an unknown number calls you and then hangs up. This is a favorite tactic of salespeople and real estate agents because it often prompts the recipient to pick up the phone. Those of us on the receiving end are constantly interrupted, which can be very frustrating.

However, there are a few options available on the iPhone to limit the impact of these interruptions. A number of strategies for preventing these calls from reaching your iPhone are discussed in this tutorial.

How to Block No Caller Id on IOS 13 and Newer?

  1. Silence Unknown Callers:

With iOS 13, Apple included a new option to muffle incoming calls from unknown numbers. If the caller ID doesn’t match, the app will send the call to voicemail. Even though your iPhone won’t ring, it will log the call in the Recents list, and if they leave a voicemail, you’ll get a notification.

In order to silence calls from unknown numbers, follow these steps on your iPhone 10, 11, or 12:

  • Unlock your iPhone and locate the Settings icon. Apple depicts this icon as a small, grey gear

How to Block No Caller Id


  • Tap on the Settings icon, scroll through the menu and select the Phone option.

How to Block No Caller Id

  • In the menu that opens, navigate to the Silence Unknown Callers option and slide the toggle to the right to turn on the feature. When activated, the toggle will turn green.

How to Block No Caller Id


2. Do Not Disturb?

The Do Not Disturb function is another option for avoiding calls from strangers on your iPhone. Setting up this program is easy; here’s how to do it:

  • Unlock your iPhone and click on the Settings icon.

How to Block No Caller Id

  • Now, scroll through the menu and tap on Do Not Disturb.
  • Tap on Allow Calls From and then choose the All Contacts option.
  • Close the menus and navigate back to your Home screen.

This works because only people in your contact list will be able to call you. However, it blocks all other calls from coming through, which means you may miss other crucial calls from numbers other than those in your contact list.

3. Create a New Contact

The third approach to block unknown numbers is by creating a new contact that you can name “Do Not Answer” or “No Caller ID.” Unfortunately, your iPhone cannot ban hidden or private numbers since it cannot recognize them. However, creating a contact that resembles this unknown number allows you to work around this. Here is how to accomplish it:

  • Navigate to Contacts and tap the + icon to add a new contact.

How to Block No Caller Id

  • Enter “No Caller ID” into the box for the contact’s name.
  • Then, key in “000-000-0000” for the phone number of the new contact.
  • Click Done to save.
  • Next, scroll through this newly added contact’s profile until you see the Block this Caller option and tap on it.
  • Select Block Contact to confirm your choice.

Your iPhone will now recognize any hidden or private numbers as a blocked numbers and prevent your phone from ringing should someone call you from an unknown number.

How to Block No Caller ID on iOS 12 and Older

Adding a New Contact

The current iOS systems do not support all the older iPhone models. Because of this, your phone may not offer functions such as Silence Unknown Callers. However, there are still techniques to block unknown callers. This is how to do it:

  • Navigate to the Contacts on your phone and tap the + to add a new contact to your phone.

How to Block No Caller Id

  • In the profile for this new contact, type in “No Caller ID” under the name.
  • In the number bar, add “000-000-0000” for the phone number.
  • Select Done to save the contact.
  • In the saved contact profile, scroll down to find Block this Caller and tap it.
  • Now choose Block Contact.

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Activating Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is another option for blocking annoying callers. The procedure is as follows:

  • Locate your phone’s Settings icon and click on it.
  • Under Settings, look for Do Not Disturb, then slide the toggle next to this option to the right to activate it. Once enabled, the toggle will turn green, and a moon icon will appear in the status bar.
  • Next, tap the Allow Calls From option and select All Contacts. A small check should appear on the right.
  • Navigate back to your Home screen.

While this strategy does prevent unwanted calls, it does so for all numbers, not just the ones you don’t recognize. In its place, it will automatically ignore and eventually block all calls from strangers.

Your cellular service provider also provides an option for blocking unwanted calls and texts from reaching your iPhone. When you sign up for a certain plan or use a certain filter, most service providers will assist you to block annoying callers.

How to Block No Caller Id on An iPhone with Verizon Service

Verizon customers have access to a feature called Call Filter. Additionally, Verizon offers a variety of functions with this app, such as the ability to block spam and regulate robocalls.

Verizon customers can use the Call Filter service at no additional cost. If you want more advanced features, however, you can upgrade to Call Filter Plus for $2.99 a month.

How to Block No Caller Id on An iPhone with At&t Service

AT&T has its own app called AT&T Call Protect that may block any unsolicited calls from reaching your phone. All AT&T customers with an iPhone 6 or later running iOS 11 with HD Voice Capable can download the app. You can choose between the freemium version and the premium version, which requires a monthly payment of $3.99. Both options allow you to block unknown numbers and receive alerts when they try to call you.

How to Block No Caller Id on An iPhone with T-Mobile Service

ScamShield, T-version Mobile’s filtering program that blocks robocalls, spam, and other unwanted calls, is available to customers. The app can be obtained from the App Store or Google Play for no cost. For a little monthly fee, you can upgrade to Scam Shield Premium, which adds a few extra safeguards.

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Nuisance Callers Blocked

Once you know how to do it, blocking or muting unknown callers on an iPhone is simple. Thankfully, Apple has the option to silence unwanted calls. You can also talk to your mobile service provider about customizing a blocking filter.

When using your iPhone, have you ever blocked an unknown number? What approach did you take, if any, that was like the ones described here? Post your thoughts in the feedback section.

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