Google Drive

Users of Google Drive will now have an additional layer of protection against malicious files thanks to a new security feature:

Protect yourself against malicious or suspicious files in Google Drive with the addition of a new security feature. It’s more crucial than ever to practice Internet safety, and Google Drive in particular has a shocking quantity of malicious files and dubious content. Google debuted this function at its Cloud Next 2021 conference in October.

To help you determine the nature of suspicious files, Google has introduced a new feature that will issue a warning when opening them. Everyone can now use the new function. A lot of people receive files from sketchy places and then share them with others via Google Drive, so this new functionality couldn’t come at a better time.

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Some users have reported receiving Google Drive-linked files in their Gmail inboxes. As a result of this upgrade, users are now more secure from potentially harmful materials. Any time you open a picture, document, or another file type in Google Drive, the service will check it over and let you know if there’s a problem.


A yellow alert reading “The file appears suspicious” will appear at the top of the screen if it finds a malicious file. Your identity could be compromised if this is exploited against you. This is just a little adjustment, but it could have a big impact.

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Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings already have these kinds of warnings. This function won’t need to be enabled because it will be on by default. Google Drive has become increasingly popular as a place to store and share digital files. Drive, like many other hosting services, is widely used to distribute malicious software like ransomware.

The feature is currently being rolled out, however, due to its progressive distribution over the next 15 days, it may take some time for everyone to see it.


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