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OurTime was one of the first online dating sites created just for those over the age of 50, and in this review, we’ll tell you all about it. From advanced capabilities to getting started and getting in touch with support, we cover it all.

Those over the age of 50 may find the idea of online dating particularly scary. Numerous dating apps and websites exist today, making it difficult to determine which ones are legitimate. It’s no wonder that specialized dating services have emerged to assist those over the age of 50 in finding a suitable romantic partner, given that this demographic accounts for roughly 10% of the global population.

OurTime has a long-standing reputation as the first and best online dating site for seniors. OurTime, a new service from People Media, features the kind of seasoned insight that can only come from years in the business. Its features are simple and intuitive, and the premium membership offers solid value.

Overall Our Time Rating: 4.4 Stars?

Since its inception in 2001, OurTime has provided its users with a clear value proposition: a senior dating platform that is both user-friendly and effective in helping its members discover the kind of committed relationship they seek.

The site’s features, such as its straightforward configuration and safe navigation, are designed to make your experience as pleasant and risk-free as possible. The site also has a mobile app version for the over-50 demographic that is just as dependent on their mobile devices as the younger generations.

Some of the high points of OurTime include:

  • 8.9 million monthly site visitors, making it one of the largest online dating pools for seniors
  • Matching based on hobbies, lifestyle, goals, and proximity
  • Easy signup process that takes only a few minutes
  • Daily matches based on your criteria
  • Real-time messaging
  • The private phone number for texting and calling
  • Robust, accessible customer service
  • OurTime sponsored live events to take things offline without the pressure

OurTime has a gender ratio of 52% female to 48% male. This gap is small enough that anyone has a good chance of finding a potential match. The site can recommend same-sex matches as well as opposite-sex matches.

How Our Time Works: Premium Chat & Dating Profile Features?

OurTime’s simplicity in setup is one of its strongest points. In less than 5 minutes, you can have a basic account up and running; if you want to take your time and fill out every component, the whole process shouldn’t take more than 20. In addition, the site is designed to walk visitors through each stage of the procedure with the utmost simplicity.

OurTime doesn’t bombard its users with probing queries, and the few it does pose are left vaguely worded. Users can provide as much or as little material as they like in response to the questions posed in the “In A Nutshell,” “The One I’m Looking For,” and “I’d Just Like to Add” sections. Along the way, you can add images of yourself, a brief video of yourself, and tags that indicate your hobbies.

Finding Your Matches?

After creating an account, you may start searching for potential matches based on the site’s algorithms and the parameters you specify. When using OurTime, users are shown a single profile at a time and given the option to “Like” or “Pass” on the individual. The presentation contains the person’s images and basic information, and they’re In A Nutshell response, and you can choose to delve deeper by checking out their full profile.

As an alternative to using the suggested matches, users can conduct their own search with the filters of their choosing. Premium users have access to even more filters and selections, but it’s easy for anyone on the site to narrow down the field of eligible, single seniors to come up with the people most likely to be a good match.

The algorithm learns from each user’s tastes and actions on the site to improve the quality of their proposed matches. Searches and other interactions help the site get better at suggesting someone you would be a good match for, so it’s absolutely worth using all the tools to get closer and closer to the best match possible for you.

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Communicating With Your Matches?

You have a few options once you’ve identified someone who piques your attention. One technique to break the ice is with a mutual match made possible by the “Like” and “Pass” systems used in your tailored matches. There is also an instant message tool, along with some possibilities for on-site email, phone calls, and texting.

OurTime User Demographics?

While OurTime doesn’t restrict those under the age of 50 from accessing the dating platform, the majority of the membership is over 50. It’s also simple to limit your daily matches to profiles only from a specific age range; for example, if you’re only interested in dating people in their 50s, you can easily set your preferences to only show you profiles from people in that age group.

Our time Dating

Customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada have the best chance of finding a local match on OurTime. The OurTime website and dating app are becoming increasingly popular in various other countries, such as France and the Netherlands, where their users are interested in meeting people from other cultures.

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Our Time Customer Support Information

One of the greatest selling features of the OurTime dating service compared with other senior dating sites is its comprehensive, accessible customer care systems. While other online dating platforms make it tough to track down assistance, OurTime makes it very easy to get in touch with a dating professional, get a query answered, or report questionable activity.

As a member of the site, all you have to do is visit your account settings, and pick the Help option. By selecting this link, you will be taken to the Frequently Asked Questions section, where you may find the answer to your problem. But if that doesn’t help, there’s a Contact Us link further down if you still have questions.

OurTime is owned by the media company People Media, and you may submit feedback to them by filling out a short online form. The toll-free number to reach customer service is (866) 727-8920. The hours of operation for the line are 9-5, Monday through Friday. Although it’s not available around the clock, our live chat feature is a great alternative for those who would rather talk to a real person.

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