The finest free app for advanced photo editing on mobile devices is PicsArt Photo Editor. This article will show you how to use the PicsArt program to alter photographs and produce 8 unique looks by incorporating overlays, stickers, and artistic filters.

Getting Started with Pics Art?

The PicsArt app may be downloaded for nothing on both iOS and Android devices. To locate PicsArt Photo Editor & Collage in the iPhone App Store, just type that phrase into the search bar. The program is called PicsArt Photo Studio in the Google Play Store.

Launch PicsArt and tap the plus sign to begin working with the program. Then choose the tools you want to use, such as Edit, Collage, Draw, or Camera.

Learn How To Edit 8 Amazing Looks Using PicsArt:

Create Dispersion

The PicsArt Photo Editor provides a wide variety of useful features for enhancing your photos. Here, we’ll go over the Dispersion function, which is responsible for adding the flying triangles across the image.

Choose the brush size and dispersion under Tools.

Simply make a few lines across your topic and hit the “Next” button to proceed. Because of this, the image will appear scattered.


Click the Stretch button and drag it to the right to make the triangles appear larger and more distant from one another. When you’re through making changes, click the Apply button. PicsArt’s Dispersion tool is a great way to add a unique artistic flair to your creations in a snap.

Add Effects and Filters

Like Filters, Effects Are a Form of Image Editing that Can Produce Striking Results. the Effects Collection of Pics Art Photo Studio Is Quite Extensive.


You Can Try out New Styles by Scrolling Through the Various Effects.

The Colorize Filter in Pics Art Is One of The Most Popular Effects Since It Can Tint the Entire Image in Multiple Color Tones. if You Want to Customize the Color of The Colorize Effect, That’s What You’ll Do.

To Color only The Background of The Picture, Use the Eraser Tool and Deselect the Figure. with The Pics Art Colorize Effect, You May Easily Alter the Backdrop Color without Affecting the Subject’s or Person’s Coloration.

Add Stickers

Images Used as Stickers Can Be Stacked on Top of One Another. Stickers in The Pics Art App Range from Emoji and Love Shapes to Spirals and Smoke Effects and Color Splashes.


Choose a Spiral Sticker and Place It Over Your Subject to Make a Spiraling Motion Around Them. It’s a Spiral, so You Can Reposition It and Make It Bigger Till It’s Just Right. to Make the Spirals Appear Natural, Use the Eraser Tool to Deselect the Ones You Don’t Want.

You May Adjust the Spiral’s Opacity and Color to Make It Blend in With the Picture. Images with Wings and Emojis Are Two Examples of Common Uses for The Pics Art Stickers Feature. Choose the Sticker Depicting Wings and Adhere It All the Way Around the Character.

if You Want to Get Rid of The Background Around Your Body and Clothing, Use the Eraser. in Order to Spice up Your Images, Pixart Provides You with A Wide Variety of Amusing Stickers to Choose From.

Draw Lines

You Can Add Freehand Drawings to The Image Using the Draw Tool. Variations in Size, Shape, Transparency, and Hardness Are All Available with The Drawing Instrument. the Draw Tool Itself Will Take on Any Color You Want.

Lines Drawn Around a Figure in A Photo Are a Common Use Case for The Draw Tool.


Select the Draw Tool from The Toolbar, Then Click the Brush Image to Select the Default Brush.

You Can Alter the Shade to Something Completely Different, Such as a Pastel Pink or A Pure White. Then, Make a Circle Around the Individual with Tiny Lines. Pics Art’s Line Tool Is a Quick and Easy Way to Highlight the Subject of The Photo.

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Change Background With Cutout

Many Pics Art Users Are Interested in Finding out More About How To Edit Their Photographs’ Backgrounds. the Cutout Feature Allows You to Remove People from A Photograph and Place Them Into New Compositions.

Change Background With Cutout Picsart

Select an Image You Want to Edit, Then Click the Cutout Button and The Person Icon.

If There Is a Person in The Picture, the Program Will Highlight Them in Red and Remove Them Immediately. Redraw Any Undefined Areas or Delete Those that Aren’t Needed. Click Save and The Snippet of A Person Will Be Stored as A New Sticker.

Add Photos to Create Overlays

The Add Photo Feature Is a Great Way to Overlay Images in Pics Art. Here, We’ll Demonstrate how To Apply Multiple Layers of A Tattoo to A Human Body.

A Second Image Can Be Superimposed on Top of The First by Opening Both Images and Clicking Add Photo.

Adjust the Second Image’s Dimensions so That It Covers the First.

Then, Select Blend, and Then Multiply to Make It See-Through.

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Create Masks

The Mask Tool Allows You to Easily Apply Artistic Effects to Your Photos, Such as Light Leaks, Bokeh, Texture, and More. in A Manner Analogous to The Effects Tool, the Mask Tool Can Be Used to “filter” an Image with Various Effects.

The Key Distinction Is that Masks Are Applied Selectively and Can Enhance an Image by Changing the Texture of The Background or Applying an Effect to A Specific Region.

Color with Curves Tool

When It Comes to Changing Colors, the Pics Art Software Is Unparalleled. Images with A Red and Blue Overlay Are a Common Use for The Curves Tool.


Simply Open an Image and Go to The Tools Menu, Where You Can Then Pick the Curves Option to Achieve the Desired Effect. Choose the Red Option and Drag the Dot in The Upper Right Corner of The Grid All the Way Down until The Image Is a Blue Color. to Apply the Change and Save the Photo to Your Camera Roll, Click the Apply Button.

It’s Time to Return to The Curves Tool and The Original Image. This Time, Pick the Green Circle in The Upper Right and Move It All the Way Down. when You’re Done, Repeat the Process Using Blue. Currently, Your Image Should Be a Vivid Shade of Red.


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