iPad Hacks

Is your iPad being utilized to its full potential? You’ll save money, time, and most importantly, your sanity by following these suggestions! Our favorite under-appreciated iPad and iPhone techniques include getting Siri to listen to you and syncing your podcasts between devices.

Get Siri to Really Listen?

“Hey, Siri” is all it takes to summon Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, on the iPad, according to iOS 8. The only drawback is that you’ll need to keep your iPad plugged in while using this feature. The good news is that there is a hack that allows you to use Siri while driving or baking bread: just make sure the Siri UI is displayed (and the auto lock is turned off).

Axe Battery Killers?

The Battery Usage of Each App on Your iPad Can Now Be Viewed in Os 8 Thanks to A New Feature. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to See It. You Should Be Able to Identify What’s Worth It and What’s a Battery Hog in A Matter of Seconds.

ipad hacks

The “share” Button (square with An Upward Arrow) Is All You Need to Add a Site to Your Home Screen if You Frequently Visit It. the Emblem for Your Favorite Website Will Now Be Shown on Your Home Screen.

Sync Your Podcasts Across Devices?

ipad hacks

You May Have a Few Go-To Podcasts, but It’s Hard to Remember Where You Left Off when You Listen to Them. All Your Podcast Subscriptions and Playback Positions Can Be Transferred Between Your I Os Devices and Computers Running I Tunes.

Eliminate Distractions

Like Tom Hanks’s Hanxwriter, Which Is a Typewriter App, These Apps Allow You to Write without Interruption. Make Use of It to Increase Your Output.

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Get Free Ebooks

Project Gutenberg Offers 46,000 Free Ebooks, Including Many of The Great Classics, in The E Pub Format, Which Can Be Read on Your I iPad.

Hold Down the. Key

I Pad Users Can Find out Which Domains Are Available to Them by Holding Down the Period Key on Their Tablet.

Take Customer Service on The Go?

Using Technology, Are You Ready to Provide Your Customers with Greater Service Options? However, There Are Various Customer Service Platforms that Make It Easy and Quick to Give Customer Assistance Online, in addition to The Social Media You Should Already Be Using.

Get More Productive

Does Your “To-Do” List Still Include Tasks Written on A Coffee-Stained Envelope? There’s No Reason to In Today’s Technologically Advanced World!

Both Teux Deux and Remember the Milk Were Created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs to Help You Conquer Your To-Do List.

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Know What Song Is Playing?

If You’re in A Restaurant or Bar and Hear a Song You Enjoy, You Can Ask Siri What It Is and She Should Be Able to Tell You!

Is It Possible to Never Lose Your IPad Again?

For Many Pad Owners, the “locate My Phone” Function Is a Lifesaver. However, Did You Know that In the Event of A Battery Failure, Your Pad Can Transmit Apple to Its Last Known Location? a Wonderful Solution for Those Times when Your Pad Gets Tucked Under the Couch! Turn on “send the Last Location” Under I Cloud/find My IPad Settings.


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