Is Filehippo a safe app to download? Does Filehippo offer software downloads? All of these questions should be in your thoughts if you’re reading this.

With Filehippo, if you don’t already know, you may download new and old software in the most straightforward manner. There are, however, varying opinions on the website from users.

According to some customers, FileHippo always prioritizes quality over quantity, but others have complained of malware infection after downloading software from it. Finally, we decided to conduct our own investigation and come up with our own evidence and rationale. I think it’s time for a verdict.

Take a look at FileHippo’s popularity as a software download site.


i) Clean Interface

Because of its “pop-up and spyware” free interface, it’s the most popular browser. FileHippo, on the other hand, boasts fast servers with 100 Mb connections, whereas most similar websites would try your patience with slow ones.

ii) Faster Browsing

All pages have been optimized to provide a better user experience. The new download servers in Europe and the United States are also accessible using this method.

The outcome is a more enjoyable browsing experience compared to other websites of the same kind.

iii) Full Support

Incomplete downloads can be restarted with ease thanks to FileHippo’s support for download managers. Additionally, RSS feeds allow you to stay up to speed on all changes to existing or newly released applications.

iv) Home to Paid and Free software

To sum up, this is perhaps the most important factor contributing to its enduring popularity. You’ll continue with a spy-free interface if you can download both free and commercial software through it.

Despite its obvious advantages, why is FileHippo under scrutiny?

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What goes against FileHippo?

You can get unmodified versions of any software from a third-party site.

It relies more on ad revenue than user fees to maintain its business. That’s why you had to deal with those annoying pop-ups while you were browsing.

Even though it is a vast improvement over pop-up adverts, a new user can still unintentionally click on a link that takes them to a separate software site.

That raises a slew of issues that need to be addressed. To begin, FileHippo will no longer be liable for your online safety if you leave its site and visit another.

Second, if you download any virus-infected application from that site, you may wind up handing up your PC’s private information to the hacker.

Isn’t this a digital suicide?

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Things You Don’t Know But You Should

I. Softonic Owns FileHippo

FileHippo is really one of the numerous domains run by Softonic Internation, S.A. that consumers mistakenly believe are separate platforms.

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Softonic knows that it is the world’s most popular source for finding the best software. These two websites are clearly going to follow the same security approach when introducing new software to their platforms.

II. FileHippo has a Strict Software Submission policy

When it comes to finding the best software on the market, Softonic has long been a household name. As a result, it’s clear that these two websites will follow the same security approach when it comes to integrating new software.

III. It offers HTTPS and SSL encryption

In addition to HTTP and SSL encryption, FileHippo is secure. In order to better comprehend what these terms signify, let’s dissect them. Web browsers and servers exchange data over HTTP, an acronym for HyperText Transfer Protocol. Any software download is protected from hackers if the information exchanged is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted.

IV. Mostly it’s about wrong clicks  FileHippo

A FileHippo ad appears up with the original download link when you click “download”. If you’re not familiar with digital advertising, you can accidentally click the “Download” ad button that appears immediately above the original one if you’re not paying attention.

You’ll eventually get something that’s not what you expected to receive. What can you do to prevent this? Well, you can’t block advertisements, but you can acknowledge and click the original link with a message like “No thanks, take me to the download page anyhow.”


Does FileHippo have viruses?

Does FileHippo have any nasty malware or viruses? No, it does not. First-time users can have even more trust in this company because they make the same assurance on their official website as well. In Norton Community, it’s been rated “OK” with 4 out of 5 stars in terms of trustworthiness.

The answer is yes, it is legal. Softonic International S.A., the world’s greatest software and app discovery portal, owns a number of domains, including, from nations in Asia and Europe, as well as a registered office in Spain.

So, Is Filehippo Safe?

FileHippo is a completely safe place to look for and download your preferred software. Only distinguishing between an ad and the real download button is all that is required. To be safe, install antivirus software to prevent any harmful downloads. We’d want to know if you think this is safe or not. We’d love to hear from you, no matter what.

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