Google Currency Converter

For small and medium-sized businesses with global expansion plans, the currency converter might be a game-changer. With the release of Google’s currency converter in 2016, expanding into new international markets became much less of a challenge. More than 24 countries will have their data feed currency changed to their own without any action on your part.

How Does Currency Converter Work

google currency converter

Using Google’s currency converter to sell internationally requires minimal preparation. Product feed prices are converted from their original currency using Google Finance data and then displayed in the target currency.

If you already sell and ship to international customers, this is a convenient way to keep your website from needing to host multiple landing pages for different variant price points.

If you utilize Google Merchant Center and provide your data feed containing your products and prices, the tool will automatically estimate the currency conversion for you.

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Get Started With Google Shopping Currency Conversion Tool

Google Currency Converter

The currency converter utilizes Google Finance to convert the product feed prices into the selected currency. If you already sell and ship internationally, this is advantageous because it eliminates the requirement for your website to have unique landing pages for the varied prices in each country.

To have Google Merchant Center estimate the currency conversion in advertising, all you have to do is upload the data feed containing the items and prices you use on your website.

The feed looks quite similar to a standard Google feed, but when you click on the country, three tabs appear from which you may select the language, currency, and region you’re interested in.

Products may be offered in a currency different from that of your company’s home nation or the country to which the feed is being sent. Additionally, the feed’s supported content languages are displayed when the nation of origin is a multilingual country (such as Belgium, Canada, or Switzerland).

After that, it’s just like setting up a Google data feed in the first place. You’ll also have to research taxes and shipping regulations for the new market before setting up your Merchant Center.

When that’s done, you can launch your campaign.

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Limitations and Availability

Approximately 24 countries’ currencies are supported by Google’s currency converter right now, albeit several of these are still in beta. If you want to use Google Currency Converter but you’re not sure if your nation is supported, you can check the list of supported countries.

Shopping Currency Exchange Rates Around the World with Google Any of the listed countries can have their currency converted so that their shopping advertising is shown to people in that country, but you must match the language requirements for each country on the list.

Due to the nature of currency fluctuations around the world, the estimated pricing may differ from the final price based on the conversion rates utilized by the user’s credit card company or other payment processing service.

Currency converters are a fantastic tool for keeping up with the globalization of businesses without having to completely revamp your website and landing pages.

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