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Could you tell me if the Startpage search engine is legit? There aren’t many better proxy search engines than this one. On the other hand, it has its privacy and security benefits and drawbacks, just like any other online service.

The pros and cons of using Startpage should be discussed.

Is Startpage Legit? the Good

At the Outset of Our Brief Startpage Review, We’ll Discuss Some of The Benefits of Using This Particular Search Engine.

1. Startpage Does Not Keep Logs

Startpage Promotes Itself as The Most Private Search Engine Available. There Are a Few Characteristics that Lend Credence to This Assertion.

The Most Pressing Issue Is the Scarcity of Suitable Logs. Startpage Does Not Log Its Users’ Ip Addresses and Does Not Plant Any Tracking Cookies on Their Browsers. the Firm Insists that It Has No Idea Who Its Consumers Are.

It’s Different from Other Search Engines Since It Provides Evidence. an Independent Review Confirmed Its No-Logs Policy and High Level of Privacy Protection. as Further Proof of Its Security, Startpage Has Not Received a Single Government Request for User Data Over Its Entire Existence.

2. Startpage Uses HTTPS

All Your Searches on Startpage Are Encrypted Using HTTPS.

The Encryption Protects You Against Basic Internet Snooping. There Is No Way for Someone Who’s Monitoring Your Connection (for example, on An Insecure Public Wi-Fi Network) to See What You’ve Been Searching for Or Clicking On.

3. Google without Google

Based Purely on The Quality of Search Results, Google Is Undeniably the Best Search Engine in The World. Sadly, It Is Also One of The Most Laissez-Faire with Your Data and Privacy.

For Someone Who Needs High-Quality Search Results and Has Concerns About Their Privacy, It Poses a Question: Can We Trade Quality for Privacy?

Startpage Lets You Enjoy the Benefits of Google Results without Any of The Privacy Downsides. It Acts as An Intermediary, Submitting Your Queries to Google Anonymously and Then Returning Your Results to You Privately. Google Never Has Any Idea Who You Are.

4. Anonymous View Proxy

Startpage’s Anonymous View Feature Is a Relatively New Development. It Lets You View Any Site in A List of Search Results Through a Proxy, Thus Preventing the Site You’re Visiting from Learning About Your:

5. Startpage Has Won Privacy Awards

Before Rebranding as Startpage, the Search Engine Was Called Ixquick. in The Ixquick Days, It Was Awarded the First European Privacy Seal (euro Pro Se) in 2008. It Was Given the Award Again in 2011, 2013, and 2015.

The Eu Gives the Award to Companies that Meet Its Requirements for Data Security and Privacy After Progressing Through Stringent Design and Technical Audits.

In 2019, Startpage Also Won the 2019 Dutch Privacy Award for Best Consumer Product, Mainly Thanks to Its Anonymous View Feature. Here’s What the Company’s Business Development Director, Alex Van Eesteren, Said upon Receiving the Award:

“We Are Honoured the National Privacy Conference Has Recognised Our Commitment to Creating Tools that Protect Privacy. with Startpage.Com, Consumers Can Search in Privacy and Also Visit Websites Anonymously. We Call This Search 2.0, with A Top Focus on Privacy by Design.”

Can We Trust Startpage? The Bad

Okay, Enough Positivity. Nothing Is that Perfect. What Are Some of The Bad Things About Startpage? Is Startpage a Scam?

1. Nine Eyes Location

Startpage Is Based in The Netherlands, and That Raises Some Concerns.

The Netherlands Is One of The Nine Eyes Countries, Along with The Us, Uk, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Denmark, and Norway. Nine Eyes Is the “second Tier” of The Infamous Five Eyes Group, One of The Largest and Most Important Intelligence Alliances in The World.

In Theory, Startpage’s Lack of Logs Helps the Company to Isolate Itself from The Demands of Being Based in A Country That’s Part of The Programme. for Instance, Startpage Could Never Comply with The Most Controversial Aspects of Us Domestic Intelligence Gathering, Like Prism, if It Has Nothing to Share.

However, It’s a Case of Never-Say-Never. Startpage Claims that “European Governments Cannot Just Start Forcing Service Providers Like Us to Implement a Blanket Spying Programme on Their Users.” Legally Speaking, That’s Not True.

For Example, the Netherlands Has Already Chosen to Ignore an April 2014 Decision by The European Court of Justice that Invalidated the European Data Retention Directive. as Such, the Country Still Requires All Is Ps to Retain their Personal Data, Web-Browsing History, and Email Data of Their Customers for The Duration of Their Contract, and For Six Months After They Leave the Service.

Is It so Far-Fetched to Imagine that The Law Could One Day Also Be Expanded to Include Search Engines?

2. Startpage Is For-Profit

Startpage Search Engine

Startpage Bv Is a Privately Held Dutch Company. According to Its Own Literature, the Business Has Been Profitable Since 2004.

Look, We Don’t Begrudge Companies Trying to Make a Profit. Capitalism Makes the World Go Around. However, Given Startpage’s Grandiose Pronouncements About Privacy and Data Protection, the Organization’s Success Does Pose an Important Question—-How Does Startpage Make Money?

Here’s What Startpage Says About the Problem on Its Website:

“startpage.Com Generates Its Income from Advertising. when You Perform a Startpage.Com Search, You May See up To Three Sponsored Search Results at The Top of The Results Page. These Ads Are Labelled Accordingly. Clicking a Sponsored Link Will Take You Off the Startpage.Com Website to An Advertiser’s Website.”

In Its Defence, Startpage Does Not Use Cookies, Your Past Searches, or Your Browser History to Determine Which Advertising You See. They Are Fully Based on The Search Term You Enter. but even that Might Be Too Much for Some Privacy Zealots.

Of Course, All of That Changes as Soon as You Click on An Ad. the Advertising Are Not Maintained by Startpage, so They’re Not Viewable Using Anonymous View. Clicking on An Ad Means You’re Going to Be Subjected to The Usual Flood of Data-Collection Tactics Utilised by Advertising Businesses.

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3. Startpage Does Collect Some Data

Startpage Search Engine

Startpage’s Privacy Policy Makes Very Intriguing Reading. Consider the Following Snippet:

“We […] Count Aggregate Numbers. We Do Measure Overall Traffic Numbers and Some Other—-Strictly Anonymous—-Statistics. These Stats May Include the Number of Times Our Service Is Accessed by A Certain Operating System, a Type of Browser, a Language, Etc., but We Don’t Know Anything About Individual Users.”

We Recognise That Certain Data Collecting Is Essential to Make Sure Startpage Is Able to Deliver a Service that Works for All Its Users. and Remember, It’s a For-Profit Enterprise that Runs Commercials. the Advertisers Will Demand to See at Least Some Data About the Type of People Who Are Likely to See Their Material.

However, the fact that Startpage Has Decided to Bury Data-Collection Information Thus Deep in Its Privacy Policy, Rather than Being Forthright with Users, Is a Touch Troubling.

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Can We Trust Startpage?

Unquestionably, Yes!

Unless You’re Entirely Averse to Any Form of Data Tracking (in Which Case, You Really Shouldn’t Be Accessing the Web at All), Startpage Is a Valid Search Engine. It Undoubtedly Gives Significantly More Consumer Privacy and Safety than Platforms Like Google and Bing. only The Most Paranoid Users May Believe that Startpage Is a Fraud.

Nonetheless, as The Awful Things About Startpage Indicate, No Company Should Be Trusted at Face Value. There Is Always Something a Tiny Bit Unpleasant Lurking if You Scratch Away the Surface.

We Also Advocate Utilising Startpage in Tandem with Additional security precautions, such as a VPN and other security practices. Check out the finest VPN services that we recommend.

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