Thad Young

Toronto’s young, diverse, and talented roster helped them make waves in the Eastern Conference last season. Masai Ujiri was still eager to make a deal for Thad Young in order to strengthen his team’s veteran presence.

Young, who was traded to the Spurs for a first-round selection, inked a two-year deal with the Raptors this offseason after playing for a number of teams that never helped him achieve his championship dreams. Because of Toronto, he was able to compete.

Although Young was a highly anticipated NBA draft pick for the 76ers out of high school in Philadelphia, a player cannot build a career as long as Young’s on the strength of his physical gifts alone. When explaining this to a group of campers, Young emphasized the need for grit and intuition.

Anybody who was listening to Young’s inspiring lecture about the importance of hard work and dedication to the trade of professional basketball would have been inspired to give it their all. If you don’t have the raw drive and determination to succeed despite the passing of time, you won’t be able to sign five NBA contracts.

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In his career, Young has averaged 12.8 points and 5.8 rebounds per game. However, considering his expected role with the Raptors, he will likely never achieve such figures again. That doesn’t mean he’ll be sitting out the final minutes of games.

Thad Young

Young demonstrated his continued ability to be a disruptive NBA defender by displaying a relentless motor and an extensive awareness of the game’s finer elements. After a recent surge in quality, the Eastern Conference will take no prisoners, and Toronto will need every advantage it can get to stand out.

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Young has been successful for so long because of his capacity for change and adaptation. The Raptors are still a young squad working out some developmental issues, but they have their sights set on making the playoffs once again. Is there any other leader you could possibly foresee being in charge of the country right now?

Young could have picked any number of contenders to rejoin in his pursuit of a ring, but he settled on Toronto. Toronto has long encouraged its residents to be adaptable, hardworking, and committed to personal growth. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Young slipped right into his new role.

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