Israel Adesanya

If Israel Adesanya puts in the effort, he won’t be charged with a crime in connection with his New York brass knuckles case. Recall that just a few days after his horrific loss to Alex Pereira in UFC 281, Adesanya was detained at JFK Airport.

In the aforementioned match, he lost his middleweight title, and as a result, his troubles only grew worse. He reportedly traveled with brass knuckles, which is allegedly against the law and is considered a “class A misdemeanor” in New York. At that time, a police officer issued him a written notice and a summons to court (which was scheduled for December 6, Tuesday).

Adesanya’s case has now been resolved, and the Queens District Attorney’s Office has agreed to drop the charges against him if he remains out of trouble for the next six months. Regarding the arrest, Israel Adesanya’s team has denied any culpability, with his manager claiming to TMZ that the brass knuckles came from a fan.

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A fan gave Israel a present, which he put in his suitcase. Israel promptly disposed of the item after it was flagged at the airport and assisted the authorities. Tim Simpson, Adesanya’s manager, said that because he complied, the situation was resolved and he was sent home. Let’s hope Adesanya avoids getting into trouble. Even though he has no upcoming fights, his supporters wouldn’t want any issues in his future matches.